Chapter 22

Grassroots organizing is an effective way to get the word out and provide support for college recycling efforts. In a grassroots effort, it is important to keep folks involved in pertinent issues because all actions are community based and build up a working structure through a strong social base. Many collaborative opportunities can arise through grassroots activities such as co-sponsorship of events, publications of educational materials, and local political campaigns. A wide range of factors impact a campus's ability to be involved in recycling (especially relating to markets for recycled content materials) and other environmental issues. Grassroots efforts span the spectrum from local to global issues that have a direct impact at home.   

Ideas for Campus Grassroots Efforts

There are endless opportunities to educate and activate folks and a college campus is a great place to do it. Grassroots efforts play an important role in providing a voice on campus and global environmental issues. People on college campuses are interested in taking steps to support environmental issues. It is all about education to action. See Chapter 23: Education to Action for more ideas about how to implement grassroots strategies.       


Grassroots Recycling Network

Organize to Win: A Grassroots Activist's Handbook by Jim Britell 

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