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Publications and CV

Research Overview

My research is focused on field-based studies of tectonically active sedimentary basins, with the goal of understanding the complex structural, sedimentary, and geomorphic evolution of active regions and plate boundaries. Stratigraphy provides unique insights into ancient environments and processes that cannot be gained from other disciplines. Integrated basin analysis informs us about the interplay between fault systems that create sedimentary basins, surface processes that fill them with sediment, and tectonic reorganizations that destroy them through inversion and uplift. My research emphasizes international collaboration, training of graduate and undergraduate students, and outreach to non-specialists and the general public. I am currently working on four projects: (1) evolution of late Cenozoic basins along the San Andreas plate boundary in southern California and northwest Mexico; (2) initiation and early evolution of the Colorado River through a study of the Mio-Pliocene Bouse Formation; (3) a geo-genomics study of geological controls on biodiversity in Baja California, Mexico; and (4) development of modern arc-continent collision in Taiwan using basin analysis and detrital thermochronology of late Miocene to Pleistocene deposits in the east Taiwan Coastal Range.

Current and Recent Research Projects:

Miocene-Pliocene Bouse Formation - Reconstructing the Origins of the Colorado River

San Andreas Fault Zone in the Coachella Valley, southern California

Late Miocene Coastal Sonora project

Plio-Pleistocene tectonics and paleoclimate, Fish Creek - Vallecito Basin, southern California

Older Projects, representative of my interests:

Triassic-Jurassic collisional tectonics, Blue Mountains of NE Oregon

Late Cenozoic detachment faulting in the Western Salton Trough, southern California

Quaternary San Jacinto Fault Zone, southern California

Pliocene-Quaternary Loreto Basin, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Pleistocene to Holocene Laguna Salada, southern San Andreas fault system, northern Mexico

Miocene Detachment Basins, SE California and W Arizona

Jurassic Utah-Idaho Trough, U.S. western interior

Current and Former Graduate Students:

Rebecca Ambers - now teaching at Sweet Briar College, Virginia

Robin Beebee - now working for HDR Alaska, Inc.

Mike Darin - now working on a PhD at Northern Arizona University

Kevin Gardner - MS student, started Fall 2017, working on the southern Bouse Formation

Mindy Homan - now working for Devon Energy, Oklahoma City

Larry Syu-Heng Lai - Ph.D. student, started Fall 2017, studying arc-continent collision and basin evolution in eastern Taiwan

Todd LaMaskin - now on the fauclty at UNC Wilmington

Bob Lenegan - now advising Biology students at Northern Arizona University

Andy Lutz - now working for William Lettis and Associates, southern California

James McNabb - now pursuing a Ph.D at Idaho State University

Brennan O'Connell - now working in Noah Planavsky's lab at Yale University

Tom Peryam - now working for Devon Energy, Oklahoma City

Derek Ryter - now working for the USGS in Lincoln, Nebraska

A Few Other Links:

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  • Eugene Oregon

    I can be contacted at: Department of Earth Sciences, 1272 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, 97403-1272. Phone (541) 346-4431. Fax: (541) 346-4692. rdorsey@uoregon.edu

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