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Revenge of the Spewed

Well, we spewed them, and now they've got a few words to say.

-To the Editor

Still tired of the Emerald's "Sugar Coated histrionics" as I said in my previous letter. Despondent that I am among your readership? Don't be. Look at the overwhelming majority of Phish phanatics and 24/7 stoners that abound here, that roll in journalistic shit like The Insurgent. Beggars can't be choosers you know. I don't give a shit about politics, but I thought (and still do think) your publication was a great alternative that offers a second opinion on a campus with a one track agenda. Anyhow, thanks for my proverbial 15 minutes in your Spew section of the Summer issue. That's all.

I love you assholes,

The goth

Congratulations, you've been upgraded from Spew to the Letters page. The minutes stretch longer here. Of course, you're just filler for a story that didn't come in, so don't get too big a head. Now you know too much. -Ed.

To the Editor,

No Ed? You've gone to far this time! Not having the beuatiful Ed Madrid on your staff is more than I can take! That and poking fun at Wylie Chen while using his name... spewing my constructive ODE message board post.... You've gone too far.

Please cancel my subscription to this "publication" and refund my money immediately!

Thank you


Bob highlights a misconception more common than we originally thought. Maybe all you kids should call Wylie yourself and verify this (346-0624). Wylie might not like that. Well, it's out of our hands now. So much for responsibility in the media. -Ed.

P.S. You are also filler.