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Nobody Asked Us...

Credit Where Credit is Due

They're worried, and with due cause: this could be year three in the latest cycle of semi-annual riots associated with the University. To demonstrate the student body's callous attitude and the subsequent need for vigilance, Gilliam photocopied, stapled and distributed copies of this summer's reprint of the "Oregon Commentator Riot Guide." While the concept of satire may indeed lie beyond the grasp of our city leaders, at least we know they're giving credence to the student voice.

Saturday Night Beaver

"When in doubt, overreact." We deemed this the unofficial motto of Eugene activists back in June, and they still live by it. The Bijou theater on E. 13th has been showing a revival of the 1970's John Holmes tour de force "Disco Dolls in 3-D," and, unsurprisingly, the porno flick has drawn protests. The reason? An alleged rape scene that ends with a woman being drowned in chicken soup. "If you walk away from something as obviously threatening as this movie and don't even consider it, that's outrageous to say the least," one protester, Ari Dennison, told the Emerald. What's more outrageous is that none of the protesters that gathered at the theater on Saturday, Oct. 16 had actually seen the movie, despite an offer from Bijou owner Michael Lamont to view it for free. Indeed, protesters quoted in the Emerald expressed a willful ignorance of anything related to the film. It seems they just heard about it, felt something should be done, and drew up some signs. Having viewed "Disco Dolls" ourselves and found it impossible to take seriously, let us turn Mr. Dennison's quote back on him: If you protest something as obviously absurd as this movie and don't even consider viewing it, that's outrageous to say the least.

Viggy "Supafreak" James' Haiku Corner

this week: an infomercialaku collection

I love Ron Popiel
Cooking used to Confuse me
Yes, I'm a Dipshit

Hey, Ziphead on screen
I can make my own pasta
Eat a Bowl of Fuck

I need to Cut Steak!
And also Shoot my salad!
Damn, I'll go Without.