Aristotle Review

Categories  Organon
            substance, quality, quantity
            predicated of, present in
            primary, secondary substance, etc.
            Platonic division; genus, differentia

Prior Analytics
            term (major, middle, minor), premises (major, minor), conclusion
            universal, particular
            affirmative, negative
            first, second, third figure

Posterior Analytics demonstration
            premises: true, necessity, primitive, immediate, prior to, causative of conclusion
            per se 1 (man is animal) and 2 (animal is female) connections
            definition and property (2R)
            commensurate universal (triangle – 2R) qua
            subject matter and metabasis (kind-crossing)
            cause, middle term and definition: eclipse: interposition of the earth
                        four causes
induction: ii.19: premises of demonstration

            endoxa, aporia
            Parmenides and the Eleatics
            substrate, contraries, form and privation
            nature: physics: internal principle of change and resistance of change
            nature, four causes
            chance and spontaneity
            potentiality and actuality
            motion/change: actuality of the potential qua potential
            unmoved mover

de Caelo
            three dimensions: point center - radius
            natural places; natural motion
            first body; heavy and light
            finite heavens
            shape and place of the earth

de Anima On the Soul
            definition: first actuality
            soul, intellectual, sensitive, nutritive
            sensitive: imagination, memory, locomotion, desire
            actuality vs. change (alteration)
            faculty, activity, object
            Sophia; being qua being
            Platonism, forms, form numbers
            focality, pros en equivocity: medical example
            PNC, essence, definition; dialectical proof for PNC
            substance: substrate, essence (particular – universal), universal, genus
            substance of substance: cause of substance: middle term
            H: matter’s claim to role in substance: threshold stone in a position
                        hylomorphism: matter and form
            Theta: actuality and potentiality: act

Nicomachean Ethics
            ends and means; ends and the end
            external, somatic, psychical goods
            role of reason, honor and pleasure and money
            virtue (ethical – intellectual: phronesis: right reason), mean state relative to us, habit
            voluntary, involuntary, non-voluntary
            akrasia (incontinence): use the universal; Socrates: virtue is knowledge
            practical syllogism
            contemplative good