Physics I

A. Finding principles
            cf. Post. Anal.  ii.19 (possible essay topic)
            universals and particulars reversed
            we start with the broad idea and then get definite


B. Division: among predecessors

                                   /                \
                        one                                 more than one
                        /   \                                 /                        \

            motionless  in motion         infinite                      finite
                                                       /            \

                                    same in kind            different in kind

i. One-motionless: Parmenides and the Eleatic One
            denial of coming-to-be (anti-physicist)

            Aristotle’s critique depends on Parmenides
            destroys distinctions of substance, quality, quantity
            destroys substance
            destroys magnitude
            cannot predicate being of what is (for there will be difference)

ii. One in motion: e.g. Anaximenes

iii. finite by segregation: e.g. Anaximander, Empedocles

iv. infinite different in kind: Anaxagoras (homoeomeries

v. infinite same in kind: Democritus

C. Contraries and underlying subject
            coming  to be is not random: musical and unmusical
            three principles: form, privation and subject
            two principles: form and subject (matter)

            solution to the problem of change (is it?  essay topic)