Multiple Choice lead-ins...

The following sentences are the lead-ins for the multiple choice questions. There may be some minor changes made before the actual exam.

1) Cretaceous plutons in Oregon help us understand terrane accretion because

2) Oblique subduction in the northwest is probably not responsible for which one of the following features?

3) Which one of the following lists of rock types best describes an ophiolite sequence?

4) During gradual climate warming, the equilibrium line of a glacier is likely to

5) Which one of the following descriptions best fits the definition of an accreted terrane?

6) Which one of the following lists of metamorphic rocks has them arranged in order of increasing metamorphic grade?

7) Volcanic rocks associated with the Yellowstone Hot Spot generally get younger towards the northeast (towards Yellowstone). Therefore,

8) The Columbia River Basalt

9) We know that the crust in the Oregon portion of the Basin and Range is extending because

10) Which of the following parts of Oregon consist dominantly of accreted terranes?

11) Which one of the following regions is underlain primarily by metamorphic rock?

12) Evidence that the Columbia River Basalt did not originate solely through back-arc spreading is

13) The Cascadia subduction zone may be capable of generating a magnitude 9 earthquake. Such an earthquake would release approximately how much more energy than a magnitude 7 earthquake (the destructive 1994 Northridge earthquake was a 6.8) ?

14) Which one of the following lists of events is arranged chronologically, from oldest to youngest?

15) Which one of the following different lists of events is arranged chronologically, from oldest to youngest?

16) Crevasses typically form on glaciers but not permanent snow fields because

17) Which of the following landscape-forming events in the northwest is not relevant to the regionšs glacial history?

18) We know that the Blue Mountains have rotated clockwise because

19) The presence of drowned trees in the surf zone along the Oregon Coast is a line of evidence for a major earthquake on the Cascadia subduction zone. Why?

20) Much of the Puget Sound area is prone to landsliding because