Environmental Geology and Landscape Development
Geol 102

Tentative Course Syllabus

Week #1, starting Wed Jan 5.
Wed:  Introduction
Fri:    Rocks and rock cycle
            Skim Ch. 4, 5, 6

Week #2, starting Monday, Jan 10
Mon:   Rocks and rock cycle
Wed:   Weathering                                             Reading: chapter 10
Fri:      Weathering and soils 
               **Essay due Fri: chem vs. mech. weathering
Week #3, starting Jan 17
Mon:  no classes
Wed:  Sedimentary rocks and processes            Reading: chapter 5
Fri:     Sedimentary rocks and processes

Field Trip: Saturday, Jan. 22 to Roseburg, Oregon Coast near Florence
Week #4, starting Jan 24
Mon:  Erosion and Mass Wasting                    Reading: chapter 11
Wed:  Erosion and Mass Wasting
Fri:     Erosion and Mass Wasting
            **Essay due Fri: building and mass wasting

Field Trip: Saturday, Jan 29 to Newport, OR


Week #5, starting Jan 31
Mon:  Streams, rivers, floods                            Reading: chapter 12
Wed:  Streams, rivers, floods
Wed 5PM  Midterm Review
Fri:     Streams, rivers, floods
            **Essay due Fri: flooding

Week #6, starting Feb 7
Mon:   Midterm Exam
Wed:   Return Midterm, Groundwater            Reading, chapter 13
Fri:      Groundwater

Week #7, starting Feb 14
Mon:  Glaciers and climate                            Reading: chapter 14
Wed:   Glaciers and climate
Fri:     Glaciers and climate
            **Essay due Fri: global warming

Week #8, starting Feb 21
Mon:  Deserts and wind                                Reading: chapter 16
Wed:  Deserts and wind
Fri:    Coasts and shorelines                          Reading: chapter 15

Field Trip: Friday, Feb. 25 through Sunday, Feb. 27 to S. Oregon Coast, Redwoods, Oregon Caves.

Week #9, starting Feb 28
Mon:  Coasts and shorelines                        Reading: chapter 15
Wed:  Coasts and shorelines
Fri:     Landscape Evolution
            **Essay due Fri: any topic

Week #10, starting March 6
Mon:  Energy Resources                              Reading: chapter 24
Wed:  Energy Resources
Fri:     Course Review

**Final exam will be held at 10:15 PM, Tuesday, March 14.

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