Environmental Geology and Landscape Development
Geol 102

Course Links

This site will grow throughout the quarter.

General links

Earth's Dynamic Systems--Website to accompany our textbook.  It's very useful.

Geology 101 at University of Oregon: a lot of great information about introductory geology.

Geologylink --in conjunction with the textbook Geology, 2e by Chernicoff. A vast, well-organized
clearinghouse of just about everything geological.

Earth Science links. --a long list of geological links, maintained by Dr. Rebecca Dorsey of U of Oregon.

Geological Photographs. --index of photos on this website.


Rocks and Minerals/ Rock Cycle

Minerals --information about just about every mineral there is! Go to minerals "by name" and pick what
you want to learn about.

Photos of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks --photos of outcrops and rocks.

Photos of igneous rocks, textures, etc. --more photos.

Rock Cycle --Description with a great illustration from the University of Saskatchewan.

Rock Cycle --Description with another good illustration from U. of British Columbia.

Igneous Rocks --good photographs and information--by Dr. Pamela Gore at Georgia Perimeter College.


Weathering and Soils

Rock Weathering - text and photos.

Weathering of granite -excerpt from "The Geology of Georgia".

Chemical weathering of marble --photos of a marble entrance to a MALL of all places--but they're pretty interesting.

Acid Rain  --a site devoted to describing acid rain, its causes, and effects.

Acid mine waste  --very informative!  -and some good photos.


Sedimentary Rocks and Processes

Facies and Walther's Law --a good, clear description of these important concepts. Includes an illustration of transgression and regression.
By Dr. Pamela Gore at Georgia Perimeter College.

Photos of different environments --photos from this site.

Depositional Environments --Lecture notes from Univ. California Santa Cruz.



Photo of "Grand Canyon of Mt. St. Helens"  --an example of fast erosion of unconsolidated material.

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