Cleopatra was a dynamic warrior queen of the first century B.C. Although she took her own life after she and Marc Antony were defeated by Octavian (later to be known as Augustus) at the battle of Actium, she has been resurrected with the assistance of artificial intelligence software developed by Zabaware, Inc. As she has spent the last 2000 years in the afterlife, she knows little of our world. The memories of her own world are also a bit clouded by the sands of time but with the help of her mentor, Libitina Antonius, her memories will return. To assist in this process, converse with Cleopatra and your interactions will be recorded so Libitina may study the conversation logs and "refresh" her memory. Cleopatra's personality is based upon the characterization presented in Margaret George's novel "Memoirs of Cleopatra" and biographies written by such historians as Ernle Bradford. To speak with Cleopatra, enter your name below and click "Begin Conversation".
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This image of Cleopatra is based on an anatomical reconstruction developed from analysis of facial structures of Cleopatra depicted on coins issued during her reign.

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