Web Publishing II Lesson Plan

Introduction and review

Review of terms

html head title
body h1-h6 p
br ul li
img a href= download/upload
URL server, directory link

Practice: download a web page of your own to practice on today.

New elements

Practice, by making your page have address info at the bottom, creating an ordered list, and setting off some text inside a blockquote tag.


Practice: download an image, and then upload it to your server. Store it in your public_html directory for now. Put an image tag with this image on your page, including the requires src and alt attributes, and the height and width attributes.

Sometimes, people opt to have a special directory in their public_html directory just for images.

Practice: create an image subdirectory and move your image into it. Change the image tag in your document to point to the copy in your new image directory.

Entities and diacritics

Practice: add a copyright statement to your page. If you like, also add another symbol from the chart


Practice: paste the entire style sheet into the head section of your document.

Save, and Refresh your browser screen. Your page should have magically just started to look like this one, in general appearance.

Go ahead and alter some of the rules in your style sheet. You can change colors, sizes, etc. If you are feeling unusually brave, go ahead and see if you can create a new rule within your style sheet. The syntax is selector {property: value;}

Other stuff

Things you might need along the way in today's class

  1. A basic page you may copy and use for today's exercises if you don't have a suitable one handy.
  2. A style sheet you can use later in today's class.
  3. Clip art places:
    1. Barry's Clip Art
    2. Cool Archive
    3. There are lots of others.
  4. Two very useful charts outlining much of what this workshop series covers:
    1. The HTML one
    2. The CSS one
  5. HTML validation service
  6. Big chart of entities
  7. a hexidecimal color chart, for when we start putting in color
  8. The evaluation form (please!)

Today's fleshed-out lesson plan

Created by Lara Nesselroad
revised Spring 2004