The Structure of English Words
LING 150
at the Department of Linguistics, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA

A Web-Based Course


Business Matters

Students enrolling for credit in the web-based course must have read and understood all information contained in the Business Matters links shown below:


Are you an enrolled student in this class and don't know how to get started?


1. Log onto your Blackboard account and make sure that you are using your [YOURUSERNAME]@uoregon, as this is the address your instructor will be using to communicate with you. If you have trouble logging onto Blackboard, contact ITC in Knight or Science Library.


2. Read and understand the Business Matters section of this web site.


3. Go to the Distance Education at SSIL web site to learn how to take your exams.

Students who can not take their exams in Eugene or Beaverton, OR should get an exam proctor approved by SSIL well before the first exam.


3. Start studying Unit One.

Course Materials: See Blackboard Site for Web-based Ling 150

If you find that online learning is really not for you, there are classroom-based sections of this class as well. See Schedule of Classes for details.




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