Radiotherapy 6: Other Studies, Old & New

These are additional studies of some interest, simply collected here for future reference.


Auquier A, Rutqvist LE, Host H, Rotstein S, Arriagada R, "Post-mastectomy megavoltage radiotherapy: the Oslo and Stockholm trials,"  Eur J Cancer 1992;28(2-3):433-437.

Results "contradict the contention that node-positive breast cancer invariably is a systemic disease already at primary diagnosis. "

Morris AD, Morris RD, Wilson JF, White J, Steinberg S, Okunieff P, Arriagada R, Le MG,
Blichert-Toft M, van Dongen JA, "Breast-conserving therapy vs mastectomy in early-stage
breast cancer: a meta-analysis of 10-year survival," Cancer J Sci Am 1997 Jan;3(1):6-12 .

This is an intriguing study, indicating that in some instances women who have breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy) and radiation actually have bettersurvival statistics than those who have mastectomy.  "However, under some conditions, particularly for node-positive patients, BCT may confer a relative survival advantage over mastectomy. In particular, mastectomy without adjuvant radiation appears to be inferior to BCT for node-positive patients. "

Schmolling J, Maus B, Rezek D, Fimmers R, Holler T, Schuller H, Krebs D, "Breast preservation versus mastectomy--recurrence and survival rates of primary breast cancer patients treated at the UFK Bonn," Eur J Gynaecol Oncol 1997;18(1):29-33.

This restrospective, long-term analysis may contradict the preceding study, at least showing no benefit for the lumpectomy with radiation.  In particular,"Internal mammary and supraclavicular radiotherapy had no positive effect on the survival rates, neither in the mastectomy nor in the breast conservation group."  This could be due to higher exposure of the heart, at least in the internal mammary irradiation.

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