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Welcome to my personal home page.

My career is devoted to environmental law and, for the past decade, to Public Interest Environmental Law Around the World.

I have been using e-mail for nine years to help link together public interest environmental lawyers (both internationally and domestically). In that time I have also sought to connect environmental law professors, environmental law students, and various classes that I teach at the University of Oregon School of Law to one another, technologically, in order to help them sustain personal connections that they make with one another, in common work.

However, I've also been involved for the last 25 years in Legislative and Administrative Processes.

Now I've begun exploring the new tools of the World Wide Web (or WWW, or W3, in some jargons). This "page" on the Web and the sub-pages to which it gives access is the current product of my attempts. One of those sub-pages includes lots of neat things that I've discovered.

My "day job" is teaching as a professor at the University of Oregon School of Law. I also engage in environmental law research. As an http authoring experiment, I have also collected here some essays that I wrote during my sabbatical in 1994.

Other Bonine's (the famous ones):

  • Leucobryum boninense (the Bonine moss).
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