PEF 310 Nutrition and Performance
Fall 2002 Course Outline
Department of Physical Education -- University of Oregon

Instructor: Janice L. Radcliffe, Ph.D.
Phone: 346-0672
Office: 176 Esslinger

Text: Burke E. R., and J.R. Berning. Training Nutrition. The Diet and Nutrition Guide for Peak Performance. Cooper Publishing Group, Carmel, IN, 1996.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, you will:

  • Enhance your understanding of the relationship between nutrition, body composition, and athletic performance.
  • Develop skills in body composition assessment and goal setting.
  • Identify your personal training, nutrition, and body composition objectives.
  • Implement a plan for enhancing your own nutrition and health behaviors.
  • Improve your ability to analyze the potential risks and benefits of nutritional supplements.


Course Content

In-class activities include: (a) assessment of body composition; (b) development of effective goals and objectives; (c) evaluation of personal nutrition practices; and (d) analysis of nutritional supplements and sport drinks.

Lecture topics include: (a) energy availability for athletic performance; (b) optimal body composition for athletic performance; (c) body composition -- assessment techniques; (d) training and nutrition strategies for fat loss and muscle gain; and (e) recovery nutrition.


Grading Criteria

Body composition assessment


Dietary supplement assignment/report


2-day dietary records (one with computer analysis)


Exam 1


Exam 2


Participation points/team learning activities


Attendance Policy

You must attend at least 80% of the total class meetings to pass the class and receive credit. Since this class meets a total of 20 sessions, you are allowed a maximum of 4 absences, regardless of the reason for the absence.

What constitutes an ABSENCE? Missing a class due to any of the following reason constitutes an absence: Late registration, Outdoor Education, Camp Adventure, illness- with or without a physician's statement, injury, wedding, funeral, Athletic Department event or travel, Club Sports event or travel, skipping, or any other reason that keeps you from attending class. If you must miss more than 4 classes due to any of the above reasons, or any other reasons, I encourage you to take the class non-credit.



The exams will cover information provided during lecture and lab activities, all handouts, and all assigned readings. The format will be as follows: Combined multiple choice and true-false questions; matching; and short answer questions. Exam #2 will be given Tuesday, Dec 10th at 10:15 am. It will not be comprehensive.

Course Calendar




Mon, 9/30

Course introduction

Fwd & Intro

Wed, 10/2

Understanding the three energy systems; teams

Ch 1; pp 1-6

Mon, 10/7

Factors affecting fuel utilization; meal planning

Ch 1; pp 6-10

Wed, 10/9

Optimal mix of energy nutrients. Calculating yours! Diet record instructions

Ch 2: pp 11-16

Mon, 10/14

'Special' diets: Are they for athletes? Fad diets and vegetarianism. Diet record 1 is due!


Wed, 10/16

Special diets cont. Diet analysis of 3 students with different goals. Presentation instructions

Ch 2: pp 16-24

Mon, 10/21

BEFORE: Pre-event nutrition

Ch 3: pp 25-36

Wed, 10/23

DURING: Hydration and snacking

Ch 3: pp 36-47

Mon, 10/28

AFTER: Recovery nutrition: The 4 'R's of recovery

Ch 3: pp 48-53

Wed, 10/30

Protein and performance

Ch 4: pp 55-69

Mon, 11/4

Carbohydrate and fat; Review

Ch 4: pp 70-76

Wed, 11/6

EXAM 1 (30 pts)

Mon, 11/11

Vitamins and minerals w/ special emphasis on antioxidants

Ch 5: pp 79-90

Wed, 11/13

Nutritional ergogenic aids. Consumer awareness

Ch 6: pp 91-104

Mon, 11/18

Nutritional supplement presentations today!

Wed, 11/20

Optimal body composition for performance: is it a myth? Diet record/computer analysis instructions

Ch 7: pp 105-117

Mon, 11/25

Body comp. testing: Wear shorts & t-shirt. Bring a calculator!

Wed, 11/27

Eating disorders and athletes: Film. Diet record/analysis and body comp worksheets due

Ch 7: pp 121-126

Mon, 12/02

Healthy weight loss strategies

Ch 7: 117-21 126-9

Wed, 12/04

Healthy muscle gain strategies - review for Exam 2

Tues, 12/10

Exam 2 at 10:15 am (25 pts)

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Gatorade Sport Science Institute (must register)

Univ. of Illinois Sports and Nutrition

USOC's Education Site (download 'Olympic Coach')

USDA Food and Nutrition

USDA Center for Nutrition Policy (diet analysis)

Centers for Disease Control (Exercise & Nutrition)

FDA Dietary Supplements Information

National Strength and Conditioning Association

American College of Sports Medicine

NCAA Supplement and Drug Information

Drug-free Competition Site

Vegetarian Diets (Position of the ADA)

National Center for Drug-free Sports

International Food Information Council Foundation (glossary of terms:-)