BEST Behavior

Educators in today’s schools and classrooms must be supported to adopt and sustain effective, cost-efficient school-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) practices.

Effective approaches to school-wide PBIS include:

(a) systematic social skills instruction;
(b) academic and curricular restructuring;
(c) positive, behaviorally based   
(d) early screening and identification of             antisocial behavior patterns; and
(e) integrated progress monitoring.

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The mission of the Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior (IVDB) is to empower schools and social service agencies to address violence and destructive behavior, at the point of school entry and beyond, in order to ensure safety and to facilitate the academic achievement and healthy social development of children and youth.

    IVDB personnel study the conditions, developmental processes, and risk-protective factors that are related to the prevention of violence, school failure, delinquency and other destructive outcomes among at-risk children and adolescents. Additional IVDB activities include program evaluation, outreach, training and technical support and grant writing assistance.  More >>

The Proper Mission and Role of Today’s Schools

• Develop the social and academic skills of all students — including at-risk students

• Teach academic readiness and reading skills that support academic engagement-achievement

• Teach social skills that support socially effective behavior (self control, self regulation, social reciprocity)

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