Julie Hessler


History Department

University of Oregon

Eugene, Oregon, 97403-1288

(541) 346-4857




Curriculum Vitae




Ph.D. in History, University of Chicago, December, 1996.  Defended dissertation with distinction, Sept., 1996; passed oral examinations with distinction, Oct., 1990.  Dissertation:  “Culture of Shortages:  A Social History of Soviet Trade, 1917-1953.”


M.A. in History, University of Chicago, December, 1989.


B.A., summa cum laude with distinction in History, Yale University, May, 1988.


Academic Position


Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Oregon.  Assistant Professor, 1996-2003.  Acting Assistant Professor, 1995-96.  Teaching responsibilities include the undergraduate survey on 20th-century Russia, participation in introductory sequences, and upper-level undergraduate/graduate courses on various topics in Soviet, eastern European, and general 20th-century European history.  Recent topical courses have included seminars on the Russian Revolution and Stalinism, and the following lecture/discussion courses:  Soviet Culture:  Ideas, Intellectuals and the Arts from Khrushchev to Gorbachev; Postwar Western Europe:  Politics and Social Change; Eastern Europe since World War I; Fascism and Nazism.


Grants, Fellowships, and Awards 


2003-4  Endeavour Fellow UO History Department

Summer, 2003  UO Summer Research Award

2001-2  Endeavour Fellow, UO History Department

2000-1  Brush Fellow, UO History Department

Summer, 2000  International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) short-term grant

1999-2000  Mellon Fellow, School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study

1999  University of Oregon junior faculty development grant

Summer, 1998  IREX short-term grant

Winter, 1998  Research fellow, Oregon Humanities Center

Fall, 1997  Research scholar, Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies

Summer, 1997  University of Oregon new faculty research fellowship

1994-5  Social Sciences Research Council dissertation fellowship

1993-4  Mellon dissertation fellowship

1992-3  Fulbright-Hays Scholar; IREX Scholar

1991-2  MacArthur Summer Travel Fellow; University of Chicago Moscow exchange

1988  Mellon Fellow in the Humanities; Century Fellow (University of Chicago)

1986  Elected to Phi Beta Kappa (junior year)

1984  Presidential Scholar




A Social History of Soviet Trade:  Trade Policy, Retail Practice, and Consumption, 1917-1953.  Princton University Press, 2004.




“Postwar Normalisation and its Limits in the USSR:  The Case of Trade,” Europe-Asia Studies 53:3 (May, 2001):  445-71.


“A Postwar Perestroika?  Toward a History of Private Enterprise in the USSR,” Slavic Review 57:3 (Fall, 1998):  516-42.


“Cultured Trade:  The Stalinist Turn Toward Consumerism,” in  Stalinism:  New Directions, ed. Sheila Fitzpatrick (Routledge, 2000), 182-209.


Review of Donald Filtzer, Soviet Workers and Late Stalinism:  Labour and the Restoration of the Stalinist System after World War II (Cambridge, 2002), Canadian Journal of History (forthcoming).


Review of Tamara Kondratieva, Gouverner et nourrir:  Du pouvoir à la Russie XVIe-XXe siècles (Belles Lettres, 2002), Journal of Modern History (forthcoming).


Review of Catriona Kelly, Refining Russia:  Advice Literature, Polite Culture, and Gender from Catherine to Yeltsin (Oxford, 2001), Journal of Modern History (forthcoming).


Review of Alena V. Ledeneva, Russia’s Economy of Favours:  Blat, Networking and Informal Exchange (Cambridge, 1998), Journal of Modern History, 72, 2 (June, 2000):  581-3.


Review of Elena Osokina, Za fasadom “stalinskogo izobiliia”:  Raspredelenie i rynok v snabzhenii naseleniia v gody industrializatsii, 1927-1941 (Moscow, 1998), Russian Review, 59, 1 (January, 2000):  146-7.


Entries on “black market” and “GUM” for the Macmillan Encyclopedia of Russian History (forthcoming).


Conference papers and presentations


Invited lecturer at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris), March 2004.


“Patrice Lumumba University of the Friendship of the Peoples:  Crucible of Racial Conflict or Solidarity?”  Paper presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS) annual conference, Toronto, Nov. 20-23, 2003.


Invited participant, Davis Center project on Nazism and Stalinism, Harvard University, May 3-5, 2002; May 2-4, 2003;  April 30 - May 2, 2004.  For the second meeting, prepared draft paper, “Economic Development in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union,” focussing on economic modernization in the 1930s, labor policy and forced labor, and the war economy.  For the third meeting (at University of Chicago), I will prepare a draft of an article on the same subject with Cornelia Rauh-Kuehne (Tübingen).


“Reading Moshe Lewin:  Dynamics of Change in the Stalin Era,” invited paper presented at the European University Institute’s conference “Reappraising the Stalin Era,” Florence, Italy, October 30-31, 2002.


“The Birth of a Consumer Society:  Consumption and Class in the USSR, 1917-1953,” invited paper presented at Harvard University, February 22, 2002.


Invited participant, University of Chicago conference on “Communism and the Gift,” September 27-8, 2001.


“Soviet Consumption and Consumerism:  A Long View,” paper presented at the AAASS annual conference, Denver, November 9-12, 2000.


“Postwar Normalization and its Limits in the USSR:  The Case of Trade,” invited paper presented at the University of Chicago symposium “Stalin’s Last Decade, 1943-1953,” March 3-5, 2000; also presented at the Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung conference “Historicizing Everday Life Under Communism:  The USSR and the GDR,” Potsdam, June 8-10, 2000.


“The Social Politics of Queues:  Two Episodes from Stalin’s Russia,” invited paper presented at the University of Texas symposium “Markets and Culture,” October 29-31, 1998; also presented at Oregon State University, May 5, 1999.


“Survivalism, Socialism, and Shifting Boundaries of Economic Crime,” paper presented at the AAASS annual conference, Seattle, November 20-23, 1997.


“Anecdotal Evidence:  Trade, Goods, and Daily Life through the Prism of Soviet Court Cases,” paper presented at Yale University conference “Assessing the New Soviet Sources,” May 15-17, 1997.


“Soviet War Stories:  The Wartime Black Market in Comparative Perspective,” paper presented at the AAASS annual conference, Boston, November 14-17, 1996.


“The Informal Economy and the Stalinist State,” paper presented to the Oregon Humanities Center, University of Oregon, October 25, 1996; revised versions presented to the History Departments of Harvard University (November 13, 1996) and University of Pennsylvania (February 17, 1997).


“The Social Meaning of Queues,” invited paper presented at the Sixth Meeting of the Séminaire d’Histoire Russe et Soviétique on “New Directions in Research on the 1930s,” Paris, May 23-5, 1996.


“Shady Deals:  Images of Trade in Bolshevik Russia,” paper presented at the AAASS annual conference, Washington, D.C., October 26-29, 1995.


“Hawking:  Chaos and Control in the Soviet Black Market,” paper presented at the AAASS annual conference, Philadelphia, November 17-20, 1994.


“Soviet Bazaars and the Politics of Value,” chapter draft presented to the Midwest Russian History Colloquium, Toronto, September 30 - October 1, 1994.


“Открытое и скрытое потребление товаров в 1930е гг.,” [“Overt and Covert Consumption in the 1930s”], invited paper presented in Russian at the conference “Russian Everyday Life and Subjectivity, 1921-1941,” St. Petersburg, August 16-19, 1994.


“Trade, Consumption, and Stalinist Political Culture,” paper presented to the Midwest Russian History Colloquium, Chicago, October 14-15, 1992.


Commentaries on AAASS panels, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000.


Other professional experience and university service


Co-organized (with Thomas Lindenberger) a comparative conference on the theme, “Historicizing Everyday Life under Communism:  The USSR and the GDR,” held in Potsdam, Germany, June 8-10, 2000.  Co-organized 1991 Mellon Fellows’ Conference on Scholarship and Society, a three-day conference with 250 participants.


Associate director of the Russian and East European Studies Center (REESC) for area studies and member of REESC’s executive committee (since 2001).


Member, American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS); Association for Women in Slavic Studies (AWSS); American Historical Association (AHA).