Damage Type - The degree, type, and source (if known) of damage is recorded to determine how these impacts are affecting the survival, growth, and vigor of planted stock. A scale of 0-3 is used to indicate the degree of the damage. Planted stock receives a 0 if no damage is detectable, 1 if the damage is impacting less than 25% of the tree or shrub, 2 if damage is assessed between 26-50%, and 3 if damage is greater than 50%. Note is also made of the type of damage. For instance, "TB" signifies tipped branches and "GI" stands for girdling. Each source of damage also has its own code. For example, "RU" which stands for rubbing, would get a source code of "WL" for wildlife. By specifying direct sources of damage, suggestions on how to improve project maintenance can be made.