Watershed Restoration Stewardship

From left to right: Matt, Phillip, Lynn, Noelle, Moksha and Jordan

Project Manager:

Matt Peterson

I am a second year graduate student in the Environmental Studies and Community and Regional Planning Programs.  I am interested in the interaction between science and policy, especially the role of restoration to meet policy objectives.  I'm also an avid birder.

Team Members:

Lynn Dean

Last year I graduated with two consecutive bachelors degrees.  One in Environmental Studies and the other in Art-Photography emphasis.  I have returned to get another degree in Geography, attain more knowledge, and get the hands on experience in restoration ecology required by all employers.  The ELP program is a great way to make connections necessary to attain a reachable career.  After learning more about the program in Spring term in 2006, I just knew I had to be a part of the program.


Noelle Harden

I am an Environmental Geography major on a year long exchange from the University of Minnesota.  I was drawn to the ELP restoration team because it is a great introduction to the fieldwork of restoration ecology and because I love working outdoors.


Moksha Rainbowlight

I am majoring in Environmental Science at the University of Oregon. I am interested in botany, native ecosystems of the pacific northwest bioregion, Agricultural Ecology, and Environmental Restoration. The ELP been a great way for me to get hands on experience in my field.


Jordan Schaeffner

I am a senior in the Environmental Studies program focusing on the intersect between sociopolitcal issues and the environment. I am also interested in issues of restoration, biodiversity, environmental justice and sustainable agriculture. The ELP is a good way to put classroom knowledge into practice and gain hands-on field experience.

Phillip Sprague

I am a senior at the University of Oregon, graduating this spring with a B.S. in Environmental Science and minoring in Geography. I view the ELP Restoration Project as a great way to expand my knowledge and skills in an environment outside of the classroom.

Collecting data in the field

Noelle enjoys the winter weather

Moksha inspects for damage