HC 441: Willamette River Health


Portland River Renaissance

Willamette Basin Stream Survey Photograph Collection

OSU Center for Water and Environmental Sustainability

Oregon Water Resources Department

FrogWeb: Amphibian Declines and Deformities

Corps of Engineers Regulatory Program

Corps of Engineers Portland District

Corps of Engineers Willamette River Management

US Fish and Wildlife Service

U.S. Water News

Water Quality Information Center

USGS Water Resources

USGS Water Resources of Oregon

National Biological Information Infrastructure

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

USDA Forest Service Sustainability Page

Habitat Info Center: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Pacific Northwest Ecosystem Research Consortium

Environmental Law Institute

Oregon Natural Resources Council

H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest

Oregon Department of Forestry

Oregon Department of Geology

Evolution of the Conservation Movement

Ecosystem Valuation

UO Map Library

TopoZone: get a map

"A River at Risk" by the Portland Oregonian

Western Waters Digital Library


Glossary from Juvenile Salmon Migration Study

Freshwater Biology Glossary


Mercury from Coal-Burning Power Plants

Middle Willamette River Fish Consumption Study

Weather and climate links:

Oregon Climate Service

National Weather Service: Big Oregon Storms

Bibliography: Impact of Climate Change

El Nino

National Weather Service, Portland

Environmental Change Bibliography

Streams and rivers:

Stream Ecology Center at Idaho State University

USGS Stream Flow, Oregon

River and Reservoir Levels


River Management Society

Corps of Engineers River Gage Data

Stream Corridor Restoration

Columbia River Inside Story

Willamette restoration:

Willamette Restoration Initiative

Corps of Engineers Willamette River Floodplain Restoration Study (1999)

Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board

USGS “Environmental Setting and Hydrologic Conditions of the Willamette Basin”


Duke University Wetland Center

Environmental Laboratory, Wetlands

Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual

USGS Wetlands Research Center

EPA Wetlands, Oceans, Watersheds

West Eugene Wetlands (Rice University)

West Eugene Wetlands (City of Eugene)

USGS Wetland Restoration Bibliography

Endangered Species & Wetlands Report

Beavers, Wetlands, and Wildlife

National Wetland Inventory


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