Term Papers

Willamette River Environmental Health

Robert D. Clark Honors College, University of Oregon

HC 441: Science Colloquium

Spring term, 2004

Term papers are available as Adobe Acrobat files. File sizes are noted after the author's name.

Considering the Great Blue Heron as an Indicator Species for Organochlorine Contamination in the Willamette River, Oregon by Eleanor Gordon (44 kb)

Controversy Behind Dioxins by Lucy Cho (25 kb)

Dangers Downstream: Mercury Contamination in Water, Soil, and Sediment near Black Butte Mine by Pamela Johnston (36 kb)

DDT and its Metabolites in the Willamette River Basin by Alletta Brenner (41 kb)

Dioxins in the Willamette by Kate Koehler (27 kb)

Effect of PCB Pollution in the Willamette River on Human Health by Grace Wang (35 kb)

Fire in Wetland Prairie by Charles Bosse (23 kb)

Flood Control of the Willamette River by Alexis Steinberg (26 kb)

Implications of Fish Stocking at Waldo Lake, Oregon by Jessica Bliss (37 kb)

Land Use Law in Oregon by Niko Hoskins (26 kb)

Mercury Mines along the Oak Grove Fork of the Clackamas River by Michael O'Leary (includes photos; 1,144 kb)

Necessity to Protect Willamette River Fish by Jessica Miller (27 kb)

Oregon Chub in the Willamette River Basin by Aria DalMolin (63 kb)

Oregonís Pesticide Right to Know Law: Re-enactment Necessary for Future Health
by Whitney Avery (29 kb)

Pollution from the Pulp and Paper Industry in the Willamette Valley by Aimee Furber (22 kb)

Waters of Death: Pesticides in the Willamette River by Elizabeth Parsons (34 kb)

Wetlands and Roads by Susan Mershon (41 kb)

Willamette Valley Agriculture and Wetland Loss: Regulatory Deficiencies and Proposals for Remediation by Kyle Walker (30 kb)

Willamette River Fish Contamination by Tracy Maloney (25 kb)

Willamette River Pollution: A People Problem by Sarah Koski (29 kb)


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