Willamette Restoration Initiative. Restoring a River of Life: The Willamette Restoration Strategy Overview. Oregon, 2001. (Reviewed by Sarah Koski).

This document is a supplement to the Willamette Restoration Strategy as described by Susan Mershon in the preceding “Land Use” topic of the HC 441 bibliographic website. The basic use for this additional publication is to create a concise, moving, and informational outline for a less scientific minded audience. Since the Willamette River Initiative has no legal authority, the group's collective objective is to educate the varied political and citizen factions of Oregon.

Therefore, this Overview is designed as a method for lobbying, door to door canvassing, and student instruction.

Many of the document's objectives are outlined in bullet statements, short quotes, and easy to read paragraphs. Each recommendation in preserving the natural habitat of the Willamette River is easily accessible.

Maps and charts include:


Unlike the formal document, the Willamette Restoration Strategy Overview summarizes the main ideas and objectives of the Willamette Restoration Initiative. Since the paper targets state legislators, governmental agency workers, and the governor as well as the voting population, this overview was created to extrapolate the critical information from the larger text. It is important to realize that this source is a key tool used by legislatures to determine the future of the Willamette River. Statistics, data collection, and trends may carry substantial weight in the scientific realm. However, materials such as this overview invigorate the reader with quotes, bullet statements, and graphics.

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