Wentz, D.A., Bonn, B.A., Carpenter, K.D., Hinkle, S.R., Janet, M.L., Rinella, F.A., Uhrich, M.A., Waite, I.R., Laenen, A., and Bencala, K.E. "Water Quality in the Willamette Basin, Oregon, 1991-95." U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1161, 1998. (Reviewed by Aimee Furber)

The report summarizes the major water quality findings in the Willamette basin between 1991 and 1995. The report was intended to address the concerns of water-resource management groups and parties interested in the Willamette.

The report identifies five types of pollution in the Willamette:

Degraded fish habitiat (large argicultural sites)


Ground and Surface Water

Pesticide Pollution

Nutrient Pollution


The report provides useful information about what type crops the land was used for and gives some explanation of water use. This contributes to the later discussion of pesticide and nutrient pollution in the water. The report also compares the Willamette to other rivers across the country, which is useful to see how the Willamette ranked in terms of pollution on a national level.

The report focused more on agricultural pollution than the previous water quality reports I have read. Those tended to focus on pollution from factory based industries. However, the previous studies were conducted much earlier and probably focus on point-source pollution because it was the most obvious and easiest to measure.

The report would be more useful if it included information about measures taken to reduce agricultural based pollution. It would have also been helpful to see what recommendations the study would make on controlling pollution.

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