Sociology 410/510: Nonviolent Social Change              Picasso Peace dove

Spring 2005 CRN: 38120
Professor Michael Dreiling
Meets:  MWF 10:00-11:20    In:  248 GER
Phone: 346-5025;   EmailPersonal Website 
Office Hours in 740 PLC:  M W 11:30-12:00; TU 10-11

“The means may be likened to a seed,
the end to a tree; and there is just the same
inviolable connection between the means and the end
as there is between the seed and the tree.” 
- Mahatma Gandhi

Welcome to the web page for the sociology course "Nonviolent Social Change,”taught in Spring 2005 at the University of Oregon.  This course was designed as part of Professor Michael Dreiling’s research on nonviolence and social movement strategy.  Follow the links below for course content.
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