University of Oregon - Department of Architecture - ARCH 424/524 Cheng - Advanced Design Development Media

Session 1

Course Overview, Rendering

Objectives: To introduce plans for the class, gather student input and review rendering basics

I.  Course Overview

A. Introduction

B.  Course Description

C.  Schedule

D.  Rules

II. Surveys, self-introductions by class members

III. Point of View slides

IV.  Rendering Exercise

For Wed:  Read Kerlow's the Camera, explore Jeremy Birn's 3 point lighting tutorial and website. Please bring a FormZ Rendering (Raydiozity Renderzone) manual and a sketch or scanned artwork to use as a texture in the next class.


Class format:

Class sessions will consist of lecture/demos, workshop exercises and student presentations. The lectures will explain objectives and concepts and the demos will provide simple how-to examples to illustrate concepts. The exercises will require that students try out the skills shown in the demo within a limited time period. Reading and project assignments will reinforce the concepts introduced in class.


Access to your own computer, software and documentation is highly recommended.


You need to store and back-up your own files. For this you can backup onto Zip disks or upload small files to your Gladstone or Darkwing account. Note that work saved to lab machine hard drives or the Mac-PC Exchange server can be deleted by others at any time.

Software manuals are available in the Klamath lab and in the AAA library

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