University of Oregon - Department of Architecture - ARCH 424/524 Cheng - Advanced Design Development Media

Assignment 1

Objective: to develop control in using textures, views and lighting to shape a visual composition

PART 1: Sell those Beach Balls!

Description: Your job is to create at least two rendered images that effectively advertise children's beach balls. The following steps guide you through the modeling and rendering process:

1. Create a digital model displaying one or more spheres. They can be sitting on a pedestal, in a box or arranged within a setting of your own liking.

2. Color the balls with a material or texture. Option: make them striped or shiny by customizing your own textures.

3. Find views that dramatize the setting using Edit Cone of Vision. Save the views as you find them. Open window frames

4. Place directional lights in key, fill and back positions. Adjust each one's position and brightness to create different effects. Optionally adjust light types, light colors as in stage lighting, or try background and atmospheric effects.

5. Using a small window, create test renderings, making sure that under Renderzone Options, you have shadows turned on and quality set to Full ZBuffer.

6.  Adjust the model, textures, views, lighting and re-render until you are happy with the results. Save JPG images of the variations. You may want to render your favorite ones at a higher quality setting

6. Review your results with a partner and select your best images to share on the Mac-PC Exchange under Arch424/524. Backup the best images to a floppy, Zip disk or remote computer. Be ready to discuss the following:

  • Which compositions are most evocative?
  • What elements (shapes, colors, brightness, contrast, textures, shadows, depth of field, etc.) contribute to their success?
  • What effect do the different kinds of light sources have on the quality of the shadow?
  • How could an idea of scale be most easily added?

For the Advanced: Rather than freely composing your own scene, find an image that features spheres and try to match the colors, textures and lighting.

PART 2: Storefront Window

After practicing on the display of beach balls, simulate advertising images by showcasing an object or piece of furniture as if it is in a shop window. This is your chance to play at being a window dresser and design the latest displays for Macy.

To allow more time for working on rendering skills, you can download a 3D model or use one from the FormZ installation CD. You can keep choose to keep the setting to a simple box or develop a more elaborate scene. (don't worry about a glass front). Use the steps in the beach ball exercise to guide you:

  1. model the scene
  2. assign materials
  3. find views
  4. place lights
  5. test render
  6. adjust and re-render as needed

Create an arch424 or arch 524 directory in your GLADSTONE OR DARKWING account. Upload your favorite images into a folder called assign01.  Arranging the images into a web page is optional at this time.

Your work should be visible at the following address:


Hand-in: Wed Mar 17, 8:00 am

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