Walk-through Animations


Objective:  To learn about creating walk-through animations


1. Lightscape animation:


a.  Copy shortcut files in "lesson 3" on the Lab Network Drive > Winter

2002 Courses > Arch 424-524 Cheng.  An example

lounge1.la animation path file is provided.


b. Open up Learning Lightscape in Adobe Acrobat > Document menu > Go To

page 142-150 of 271.  Follow the steps to setting up a walkthrough

animation and then rendering some of the frames.  Put all the frames in to

a new folder.


c. Use Adobe Imageready to create an animated GIF.  File menu > Import >

Folder as Frames.  Find the black arrow on the animation box and Optimize.

Save Optimized as an Images only GIF.



2. FormZ Animation:


a. Open Greektemple.fmz

b. Use Edit Cone of Vision to find and save views 1, 2, 3, etc.

c. In the Views menu, check all your numbered views

d. Under the View Menu, Animation from Keyframes

e. Under the Display Menu, Generate Animation


3. Animation Critique

Examine an architectural walkthrough with a partner.  Consider the

following questions:


a.  What are the purposes of the major sections of the animation?

(i.e. establish context, introduce characters or spaces)

b.  What camera techniques are used to create logical transitions?

c.  Select frames with strong lighting and guess what sources were used.

How are light softness, attenuation, color, throw and movement employed to

create atmosphere?