University of Oregon - Department of Architecture - ARCH 408/508 Cheng, Summer 1998


Assignment 2 - Repetitive Bay System

June 24, 1998 

  • To model structual elements with dimensional control
  • To explore design possibilities inherent in geometric transformations

Resource information about structures
Geometric Transformations & Regular Patterns

I. Create the original:

  1. Find an example of a structural bay system which has enough information so you can draw elements to scale.
  2. Model key components of the system (columns, beams, panels).
  3. Assemble the components to create a single bay.

II. Make 3 Parametric Variations:

  • With attention to grouping possibilities, use scaling operations to transform the bay. Try finding new alternates that change the reading of the components.

III. Post it on your Web Page

Taking the same viewpoint, save PICT images of
  1. the original bay
  2. your 3 variations
Using Photoshop, create a single image which has all four images and Export it as a GIF 89a image called picture2.GIF.

Use Fetch or FTP to put the image into your Web page.

For the ambitious:
Explore how your bays can be combined to create a larger structure.

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