Barbara A. Butler

Professor and Science Librarian



Loyd and Dorothy Rippey Library

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB)

P.O. Box 5389, Charleston, OR 97420

(541) 888-2581, ex. 219; Fax: (541) 888-3391



·         M.L.I.S., University of California Berkeley, 1990

·         M.S. in Range Management, University of California Davis, 1983

·         B.S. in Biology, University of California Davis, 1980


Professional Experience

OIMB Science Librarian (University of Oregon)

1992 to present.

I am the subject specialist for Marine Biology and as the sole staff member I am responsible for all aspects of library operation, and have developed the OIMB Library into a fully operational branch of the University of Oregon Libraries.  I oversaw development and construction of the Loyd and Dorothy Rippey Library and served as Acting Head of the University of Oregon Science Library (in Eugene), from November 1999 through August 2001. I was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in 1999 and to Professor in 2006.


Coordinator, Biodiversity Resource Center (California Academy of Sciences)


As the first Coordinator of the Biodiversity Resource Center I developed a branch library on the public floor of the natural history museum. The Biodiversity Resource Center was a trial project intended to provide biodiversity and life sciences information to museum patrons and to the general public. This project was successful and receives ongoing funding from the Academy.


Professional Affiliations
  • International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers (IAMSLIC): 1990 to present.
  • CYAMUS (Pacific Regional Group of IAMSLIC): 1991 to present.
  • American Library Association: 1989 to present.
  • Oregon Library Association: 1992 to present.
  • Southern Oregon Library Federation (SOLF): 1994 to present.
  • Special Libraries Association (SLA): 1993 to 2005.




  • Nominated to Sigma Xi, scientific research society, for undergraduate research experience. 
  • 2005 recipient of the Richard and Mary Corrigan Solari Library Faculty Fellowship Award.
  • Recipient of the “McBarfur” trophy for sea-sickness aboard the NOAA Research Vessel McArthur (1996).


Research Interests

My research interests involve issues of concern to one-person and remotely located libraries, resource sharing among international libraries, the scholarly publishing process in the sciences and the digitization and preservation of gray literature.

  • Lib 407/507 Marine and Environmental Research: Information and Technology (1 unit), Fall 2001, Spring 2002 and Fall 2002.
  • September 1997 to present I have offered bibliographic instruction and orientation sessions for OIMB students and faculty. 

Collection Development

I manage the Marine Biology (OIMB) library and gift funds and during staff changes served as subject specialist for other science disciplines as needed.  I actively acquire and process gift collections on behalf of OIMB and share resources through the IAMSLIC Duplicate Exchange Program.


Offices Held
  • IAMSLIC President, (3-year commitment culminating with presidency in 2007-2008).
  • Environment and Resource Management Division, Special Libraries Association, Chair (3-year commitment culminating with presidency in 2004).
  • Secretary, Biomedical and Life Sciences Division, Special Libraries Association (1998-1999).
  • Cyamus Regional Group Representative to the IAMSLIC Executive Board (1995-1996).


Committee Service

University of Oregon Libraries
Library Faculty Personnel Committee
(2006-2007): I worked with the committee to evaluate 17 contract renewals, one promotion to associate professor and two promotions to full professor in 2006, as well as 11 contract renewals in 2007.


Online Northwest Planning Committee (2001-2003): Oregon University System sponsors these one-day conferences focusing on the use of technology within libraries. I represented University of Oregon and participated in program planning and local arrangements.


University of Oregon Libraries Web Tutorial Advisory Group (1999-2000): I was the Science Subject Specialist advising the intern in charge of creating a web-based tutorial for the UO Library catalog.


Library Search Committees:

·         Collection Development & Acquisitions Librarian (2005)

·         Collection Development & Acquisitions Librarian (2002, two searches)

·         Electronic Resources Librarian (Chaired committee, 2001)

·         Head, Science Library (2000, three searches)

·         Serials Catalog Librarian (1995)

·         Documents Reference Librarian (1993)


University of Oregon, OIMB Campus

Loyd and Dorothy Rippey Library (OIMB) User Group Member (1996-2004):

Helped guide design and oversaw construction of the OIMB library.  The first floor was completed in 1999 and the second floor, including an 8-seat information technology center, was finished in 2004.


Oregon Coastal Environments Awareness Networks (OCEAN) (1998): Represented OIMB as a board member.


DEMIS (Dynamic Estuary Management Information System) Steering Committee Member (1996-1998): This committee produced a prototype estuary management tool.  See Knight Library Map Collection CDROM GC856.D45 1998 and



Professional Commitments Outside University of Oregon

International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers (IAMSLIC):

  • Chair, IAMSLIC/Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Committee (2007-2008):  This committee investigated areas where IOC and IAMSLIC could collaborate to build capacity among marine science librarians.
  • Member (ex-officio) Aquatic Commons Board (2007-2008):  Served in an advisory capacity on the board charged with managing Aquatic Commons, IAMSLIC’s organizational digital repository (
  • Chair, Resource Sharing Committee (1996-2003): Participated in the development of the IAMSLIC Z39.50 Distributed Library which incorporates an interlibrary loan module into a multi-catalog search interface and provides union catalog access to all IAMSLIC members.
  • Chair, Membership Committee (2003 to 2006): I streamlined IAMSLIC membership categories and helped create the IAMSLIC online membership directory, a necessary component of both the IAMSLIC resource sharing program and online voting.


Special Libraries Association, Biomedical and Life Sciences Division

  • Contributed Papers Committee, (Senior Co-Chair 2005): A four-year commitment culminating in the position of Senior Co-Chair, this committee provides an opportunity for DBIO members to share their research and publish their papers in a peer-reviewed forum (
  • Government Relations Liaison, (1999-2000).
  • Publication Committee Member (1994-1996).


Invited Speaker Activities

  • EURASLIC (European Regional Group of IAMSLIC):  “Benefits of IAMSLIC Membership” (2005).
  • ASFA Board Annual Conference: “Benefits of IAMSLIC Membership” (2005).
  • Architecture Summer Field Course:  “Construction at OIMB throughout the years” (2005).
  • NWILL (North West Interlibrary Loan and Resource Sharing Conference): “Case study: IAMSLIC Z39.50 Distributed Library” (2003).
  • NAME (Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators:  “Searching for answers? The role of the library in science education” (1999).
  • Leadership Coos: “The Oregon Institute of Marine Biology”  (1996).
  • Women in Science:  “Science Librarianship” (1993).


Program Planning

  • Conference Convener for the 33rd Annual IAMSLIC Conference in Sarasota, Florida (2007) and organizer of post-conference GIS workshop.  The conference theme I chose was “IAMSLIC: Changes on the Horizon” (
  • Coordinated the  Environment and Resource Management Division programs for the Special Libraries Association Annual Conference in Nashville, TN (2004):
    • Eat Your Fish and Have it Too: Sustainable Fisheries
    • No More Old MacDonalds: Environmental Effects of Factory Farming
    • EPA Web Ambassadors
  • Arranged for Environment and Resource Management Division (SLA) online workshops:
    • Top Tech Trends for Libraries (Stephen Abrams, 2004)
    • Secrets of our Super Searchers (Barbie Keiser, 2003)
  • Developed the program “Managing Marine Information: Bringing Data to the Desktop” for the Special Libraries Association Annual Conference in Seattle (1997).
  • Developed the programs for two annual Cyamus meetings in Nanaimo, BC (1994) and at the Catalina Marine Laboratory (1995).
  • Hosted Cyamus (Regional Group of IAMSLIC) annual meetings at OIMB in 1993 and 2002.
  • Hosted two Southern Oregon Library Federation meetings at OIMB.


Professional Reviewer Contributions

  • External Promotion/Tenure reviewer for marine science librarian positions at University of Hawaii at Manoa (2006), Moss Landing Marine Laboratories of the California State University System (2006), and Portland State University Science (2000).
  • UO internal reviewer for statewide database review (2004).
  • Seagrant research grant application reviewer for a library-based application (1998).



  • As President of the Coos Bay Public Library Foundation Board I have overseen two annual campaigns and developed a fundraising program for audio book purchases for the library (2005-2008).
  • As IAMSLIC Conference Convener I raised nearly $8,000 from sponsors and vendors to help members from developing nations be able to attend the conference.
  • Authored proposal and acquired $23,000 from UO Educational Technology funds to create the OIMB Information Technology Center within the Loyd and Dorothy Rippey Library at OIMB (2004).
  • Undertook fundraising for the Environment and Resource Management Division of SLA for three years, and raised a total of $20,000 to support conference programs (2001-2004).
  • Received the University of Oregon Tonack Internship award ($6000) to support OIMB Graduate Student Jennifer Schmitt while she cataloged and described the 6000 slides in the OIMB Visual Resources Collection (2001).
  • Raised funds ($5000) to furnish the OIMB library by publishing a humorous “Endow a Chair” challenge in the OIMB Alumni Newsletter (1999).
  • Co-authored successful NSF (FSML- Field Stations and Marine Laboratories) grant for $60,000 to acquire a network server, computers and printers for OIMB (1996).



Created the exhibit Sand, Sea, Science: The Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (Knight Library Foyer, Summer 2002) to showcase library collections, collaboration and research at OIMB.  As part of this exhibit I arranged for a public lecture in the Knight Library Browsing Room by OIMB Director and deep-sea researcher Dr. Craig Young (July 2002).


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Video and Book Reviews Published

Educational Media Reviews Online (reviews now linked to OCLC records)

  • Advances in Science & Technology Series
  • Ancient Sea Turtles Stranded in a Modern World
  • “Biology of” Series
  • Biology of Sponges
  • Build Green
  • Buried at Sea
  • Chances of the World Changing
  • Clayoquot: the Sound of Wonder
  • Creatures of the Sun: A Natural History of the Painted Turtle
  • Dirt Vaccine (bacteria and health)
  • Empty Oceans, Empty Nets
  • Eye of the Cyclops: Adventures in Scientific Exploration
  • Farming the Seas
  • Fighting Fire with Fire
  • Fisheries Beyond the Crisis
  • Fishing in the Sea of Greed
  • Flow
  • Footsteps in the Sea: Growing Up in the Fisheries Crisis
  • Gimme Green
  • God Squad and the Case of the Northern Spotted Owl
  • Greening of Southie
  • Helping Children Understand DNA  
  • In Search of Arctic Whales
  • In the Company of Butterflies
  • Keepers of the Coast
  • Last chance for the Pacific Salmon
  • Last Legs: A Californian Frog’s Decline
  • Life Among Whales
  • Living Fossil
  • Monarch: A Butterfly Beyond Borders
  • Natural Connections
  • Orca (Killer Whales)
  • Origins: Fourteen Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution
  • Perils of Plectropomus
  • Red Run
  • Return of the Plankton
  • Rising Waters: Global Warming and the Fate of the Pacific Islands
  • Sacred Balance
  • Science of Marine Reserves
  • Science of Whales
  • Shining Mountains
  • Shorelines: the Endless Ribbon
  • Silent Sentinels
  • Southbound
  • Twixt Heaven and Earth
  • Understanding Oceans
  • Underwater Dream Machine
  • Vanishing Wetlands
  • Water and the Human Spirit: Program Two
  • Water Front
  • Weather the Storm: The Fight to Stay Local in the Global Fishery
  • Whale Mission: Keepers of Memory
  • Whale Mission: the Last Giants
  • White Sharks: On the Edge (of Extinction?)
  • Wind River


Library Journal Book Reviews

  • Charged Border: Where Whales and Humans Meet by Jim Nollman 124(3):180.
  • Making Salmon: An Environmental History by Joseph E. Taylor, III 124(14):230.
  • Salmon Without Rivers: A History of the Pacific Salmon Crisis by Jim Lichatowich 124(18):121.
  • Totem Salmon: Life Lessons From Another Species by Freeman House 124(7):141.


Library Related Workshops and Conferences Attended

  • 1991 to present:  IAMSLIC and Cyamus (West coast of North America regional group of IAMSLIC) Annual Conferences
  • 1995 to 2005:  Special Libraries Association Annual Conferences
  • 2004: Teaching Effectiveness Program (Knight Library)
  • 2001: Association of College and Research Libraries (Denver)
  • 2001: Loex of the West (Eugene)
  • When possible: Online Northwest; Oregon Library Association Annual Conferences; Southern Oregon Library Federation Annual Conferences


Volunteer Activities

Coos County Library Board (District 9 Elected Member, 2005 to present): This committee advises the County Commissioners regarding disbursements of funds (including tax levies) to the various public libraries within the county.


Coos Bay Public Library Foundation Board (Member 2003 to present, President 2006-2008):  The Foundation exists to raise money for the development of services, facilities and collections for the library.  In addition to our annual campaign we are launching a capital campaign to expand the library.  Additionally, I raised books for audio book purchases and established the “Coos Bay Audio Book Club” as a forum for audio book listeners to share their opinions and reviews. 


SMART (Start Making a Reader Today) Volunteer (2001 to present): This program pairs children with special needs from grades K-3 with volunteer readers.  As a participant in this program I read with two children (30 minutes each per week) during the school year.


Millicoma Marsh Community Adopter (1999-2002):  As the Community Adopter I was a member of the Millicoma Marsh Management Taskforce.  I created an informational kiosk at the Marsh trailhead, and conducted a user survey on behalf of the Management Taskforce.  I led the campaign to allow dogs on the trail and the corresponding campaign to advocate that users clean up after their dogs.


Women in Science: This annual program introduces south coast high-school girls to women who have careers in the sciences. I helped organize this program, held at OIMB, in 1991, 1992 and 1994.