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What happens to my report?

An individual Case Response Team is formed in response to a bias incident. The members of a CRT will change from incident to incident depending on the affected parties and the range of individuals needed for an appropriate response. A CRT is made up of case manager, advocate and target, and other appropriate parties. The purpose of a CRT is to effectively manage a reported issue, to develop a plan for resolution, and to implement the necessary pieces of an appropriate response to each incident.


Remember that there are 2 different options when you report.

A “For Action” report means that the BRT will make every attempt to contact the reporter. The BRT can also provide possible solutions to help. If desired, we can assign an advocate to help through whatever process they pursue.

A “For Information Only” report helps the BRT stay informed about campus climate. If a “For Information” report is filed, the information goes into our database.

In some cases, where individuals are identified and violations of state or federal law may have occurred the BRT may have to report those incidents to other agencies. A reporter can always contact the BRT for more information on this process. The BRT will take all steps possible to ensure the privacy of reporters and other involved parties.  However, the BRT cannot guarantee complete confidentiality of all parties in all incidents.

For a better picture of what happens during a BRT case or you can can contact us at

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