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Set # 2358 Barnyard Pals

This is one of the first playsets in the chunky line. It came out either in 1990 or 1991 and featured the figures shown above.

Set #2359 Mini Van

Picture of Minivan
The mini van was one of the first chunky people toys. It came out in 1990 or 1991 and
used the "frame" from the little people bus. It came in two color combinations as shown. It came with the brown hair, green body boy (Pete) and red hair, yellow body girl (Dolly).

Set # 2364 Nursery Set

picture of nursery
This set came out in 1992 and featured a mother, baby and nursery furniture. There was no variation in the mother or baby.

Set # 2365 Jetliner

The Jetliner was designed after the little people jetliner and came out in 1990. When you twist the pilot, the plane hatch opens. It came with two passengers, the boy shown (Sonny) and the yellow bodied African American girl (Aretha). As you can see there is also a piece of blue luggage.

Set #2366 Space Shuttle

Picture of space shuttle
This wonderful set came out in 1993 and was made for one year only. It came complete with the airhose and astronauts Sally and John. When you twist the astronaut, the shuttle bay opens to reveal the all yellow lunar rover! It has battery operated sound effects--radar, lift off and emergency!

Set #2370 Fire Truck

Picture of firetruck
This is the "big" one!! It came out and was made only in 1993. This firetruck is more that a foot long and is hard to find complete with the accessories. It has an extending ladder with a water cannon on the end. When you turn the hand crank it has a loud siren. It comes with a firechief (rarely African American), a fireman, a dalmation (molded pvc) and a yellow ladder. I am still looking for the African American firechief!! The ladder which has square rungs, actually hangs down.

Set #2372 School Bus

Picture of school bus

Picture of school bus with wheelchair
The first version of the school bus came out in 1991 and held 6 children and a lucky dog. In 1994 the bus was redesigned to hold a wheelchair , a driver and 4 children. An African American boy with and orange body is exclusive to this set. The back door folds down to make a wheelchair ramp. The children included are those shown in pictures.

Set #2373 Circus Train

Picture of circus train
The cute circus train came out in 1991 and is still made for the newest version of chunky people as well as in a Christmas version. It has a mostly blue engine, a green animal cage car with a fold down ramp, and a red caboose. It comes with an engineer and clown (both molded figures) and a lion and giraffe.

Set #2374 Dump Truck

Picture of dump truck
This dump truck is very similar to one of the earlier "husky people" dumptrucks. It came out first in 1993 and is driven by a man with a yellow hard hat and a white body. This man has a mustache and is referred to as "Rocky". It is copyrighted 1992.

Set #2376 Farm Fun

picture farmer
Small playsets came out in 1990. They were similar to the little people. This farmset was one of them and is complete as pictured.

Set # 2378 Airport Fun

This is another of the small playsets. It came as shown with one of the airplanes--white on blue or blue on white. I recently found a one of these airplanes in a powder blue combination and am very curious about it's origin. This set was first copyrighted in 1990.

Set # 2381 Firetruck

picture of little firetruck
The firetruck was one of the small vehicle sets that could be purchased separately. It came with the fireman as shown. This style of firetruck was made from 1990-1994.

Set # 2382 Police Car

picture police car
The policeman in his car was another of the small vehicle sets. It came with the stop sign as shown. This style of car was produced from 1990-1994.

Set # 2383 Tow Truck

picture of tow truck
This style of towtruck was made from 1990-1994. The driver with the green body and hard hard was unique to this set.

Set # 2394 Roadside Rescue

picture of roadside rescue
1995 was the year the body style changed on the cars and trucks and this style has continued on with the newer style chunky figures. The set comes with all the accessories shown in the photo.

Set # 2507 Barnyard Pals

This set belongs to (and photo courtesy of) my collecting friend Natascha. The farmer (who is totally molded) is a new style as are the animals. The pig has dirty feet and there is a black sheep and a chicken. The change was made in 1995.

Set # 2509 2-in-1 Camper

picture of camper
It is really hard not to play favorites!!! Along with the Pony Pickup and the Space Shuttle, this is one of my all time favorite Fisher Price toys. The man driving the camper is unique to this set and I think was intended to be Asian. The boat and the man are quite hard to find. This set is from 1995.

Set #2510 2-in-1 Seaplane

picture of camper
This little pilot is flying off to somewhere in Alaska I think to go kayaking in the little yellow kayak that is carried under the plane. The kayak is very hard to find. This set came out in 1995.

Set # 2511 Little People House

picture of house

picture house
This is actually the second of the houses for chunky people. It came out in 1995 and is still in production for the newer chunky people. It is a little more traditional (a little less funky!) than the first chunky house (#2557). This house featured more furnishing--those as shown and the furniture came with color variation--various combinations of pink, blue and yellow. The table and chairs were always white. The family (either African American or Caucasion came sealed in a bag with the appropriate family portraits on litho to add to the walls. Shown are the Caucasian family but the African Family has different features and the dad has a white body. ( I can send you more details or a picture if you are interested but my African American family is in package so I haven't included a photo.) I am not exactly sure what the correct dog looks like but is similar to the one shown. I think he has a green collar--please write me if you know and/or if you have one for sale or trade!

Set # 2552 McDonald's Restaurant

picture of Mcdonald's
This base is almost a duplicate of the original little people playset--but made to accomodate the larger figures.. In fact, the garbage can and McDonald's sign are interchangable. It was one of the first sets made 1990 or 1991 tho it has a copyright date of l989) and the little people McDonald's was one of the last little people sets made. This is one of the last bases made in the USA. There is a "swinging" door on the backside with a litho. The playground slides out from under the building. I have found the blue car to be the hardest part to find for this set! There is a lot of action going on in the playground feature.

Set #2553 Little People Garage

picture of garage
This is another set that is very similar (but a bit larger) to the garage for the original little people. It came out in 1990. It came with the cars and people shown. Again, there is a lot going on with the toy. The elevator works, there is a lube rack in the back that goes up and down. Twisting a chunky on the top level makes the car placed on the "turning pad" reposition to go down the ramp! Also a chunky has to twist to raise the gate so the customer can leave the garage. It is a very fun set!

Set # 2555 Little People Farm

picture of barn
This farm is somewhat patterned after the latest of the original little people farms. The plastic base is a bit more developed with a built in trough. It only has 3 pieces of fence. The silo has different lithos. Twisting a chunky moves the animal on the little yellow pad nearer the trough. It comes with a "hay tosser" which will actually toss the bag of grain into the trailor. The people and animals shown were standard with the set. It is open for debate whether the redhead is the farmer's wife or daughter!!! She is a common chunky that came in a lot of the other sets too. This one was copyrighted in 1990.

Set # 2557 Play House

picture of house
I think this first chunky people house which came out in 1990 or 1991 is one of the more unusual Fisher Price designs. You can put a figure on the staircase, turn the crank and they "climb" the stairs to the second floor. You twist a chunky sitting in front of the television/stereo to change channels! The table settings on the table flips over to reveal a checkers game! Oddly enough, it came with only one small bed with molded rugs on each side. Guess the other chunky shared the built-in doghouse! It came with the accessories shown.

Set # 2558 Airport

picture of airport
This set was copyrighted in 1991. It is one of the sets that came with the lithos not applied so sometimes you find all these pieces with poorly applied or no lithos. It features a grey pullout refueling pad and an orange loading ramp. Both of the color versions of the plane are shown. The pilot is as shown and there's that farmer's wife off to see the world!! She travels light with only 1 piece of luggage.

Set # 2559 Little People School

picture of school
There are a few similarities between this 1992 school and the second version of the original little people school. The back door comes off and hold the letters ABC and the numbers 123 . Inside the door you can store the "stencil" card sets for these same letter and numbers. It came with the 3 chunkies shown. A chunky can make a "basket" at the hoop or push another down the slide.

Set # 2560 Fun Park

picture of funpark
Now here is a big, big set with a lot going on. The "o" mouth boy should be able to go down the ramp, do the loop de loop and come out the clown door. Unfortunately, mine always crashes during the second part of the loop--a little fine tuning perhap?!? It is one of the sets that came with the lithos not applied so sometimes you find all these pieces with poorly applied or no lithos. You often find the airplane ride and the ferris wheel separately but they always came as part of this set. The 3 people and two cars were the other accessories with the set. The parts unique to this set are copyrighted in 1993.

Set # 2590 Farm

Another wonderful transitional set that belongs to my friend Natascha. I still have not found all the parts to this set--looking though if you can help me out! This is another of the pieces made toward the end of the production of the original chunkies and carried over to the newer chunkies. (1995) There was no change in the style of animals but a foal, lamb and calf were born. When the next generation of chunkies came out, the style of the animals changed. I need only the lamb. This photo is courtesy of Natascha Bybee and is used with her permission.

Set # 2591 Pony Pickup

picture of playhouse
What can be said about this really, really cute toy! Peggy Sue is a chunky unique to this set and for some reason, she seems to be easier to find that the rest of the set! It was made in 1995 only for the one year. I think that the white horse and foal may have been unique to this set also and they are harder to find. The actual copyright date on this is 1994.

Set # 2593 Action Ramps Garage

This is another of the transitional pieces that were first made for the old style chunky people in 1995 and has carried over into production for the articulated style of chunkies. This photo is courtesy of Natascha Bybee and is used with her permission.

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