University of Oregon Assembly Records

Volume 2 (21 September 1892 through 7 May 1908)

The page numbering begins over from Volume 1. The records in volume 2 are handwritten and the handwriting is occasionally quite hard to read. They were photocopied and the photocopies converted to PDF files; the file break points have no particular significance and arise from technical considerations. Unfortunately the photocopies are not of high quality and some of the margins are black which obscures some of the handwriting. We have attempted to provide a partial indexing of the contents of volume 2 -- any such project requires making a large number of decisions concerning what material to list and what material not to list. So we appologize in advance if crucial matters have been omitted and inconsequential ones included. We found the record a fascinating one and one well worth the study if just to inform questions currently before the Senate.  Mutans mutandis.

Peter Gilkey, Mathematics Department, University of Oregon, Eugene Or 97403 USA

  1. Pages 1-14 21 September 1891 to 21 December 1891. Page 7. "On motion, the gymnasium was ordered to be opened from 11 to 12 on Mondays and Wednesdays for the benefit of those students who petitioned the faculty to that effect." "Upon motion, the Librarian was requested to open the Library from 8:30 to 11:30 AM and from 1 to 2:30 PM each day during the session of the University and from 9 to 11 AM on Saturday." Page 9. The matter of rearranging the hours for the gymnasium was refereed to a committee ... to report at the next meeting of the Assembly." We only list the range of meetings as the Assembly met almost weekly.
  2. Pages 15-27 5 January 1892-25 April 1892. The meetings deal almost exclusively with individual cases. P15: "* was required to take bookkeeping and commercial law. * was permitted to take but two studies this section. * was required to take algebra and com-law. * to take Latin and Algebra. * el. algebra and com law. * was appointed a committee with power to ask to see what can be done in reference to * studies."
  3. Pages 28-41 2 May 1892 - 10 October 1892. Again, the minutes are almost exclusively dealing with individual cases. However, there are some more mundane matters: P32 "On motion, the program for the Sunday exercises was ordered to be printed" and P33 "A resolution, petitioning the Board to appoint four members of the Faculty to travel over Oregon and Washington in the interests of the University was adopted." P35. "The president was authorized to say to the students that any student violating the laws of the Faculty in reference to drinking intoxicants or entering a saloon or brewery would be dismissed in the first offense".
  4. Pages 42-53 17 October 1892-30 January 1893. P43. "On motion, all the students who attended the ball last week were required to report to the President at once." P44. "On motion, the President was authorized to make such arrangements with Public Schools as to the basis of admission into the University as * as he may think proper". P47: "It was moved that only students desiring to use the library for the purpose of consulting the books and periodicals contained therein be permitted to sit there *." P50. "On motion, the gymnasium was ordered closed * until further notice and the monitors and others who have used the gymnasium this term be required to appear before the President tomorrow at 1 PM".
  5. Pages 54-65 13 February 1893-22 May 1893. The meetings continue on a weekly basis and deal mostly with individual students. For example P55 "* petition to take algebra as a fourth study was granted, on motion, the Secy. was requested to notify * that he must either attend to his work in the University or withdraw from the University. Excuses were accepted from [long list]". Page 58/9 Memorial for the late Matthew P. Deady: "Whereas it is with profound sorrow that the Faculty learns of the death of the Honorable Matthew P. Deady and whereas in the loss of that great man, the University of Oregon has lost the able President of the Board of Regents, the faculty, a kindly advisor, and the cause of education a great friend. Therefore resolved that we as a faculty * to the family of our deceased friend our most sincere and heartfelt feelings of sympathy in this hour of sad bereavement. Resolved that his life of self-sacrifice and devotion to the welfare of others, his indefatigable industry, his * integrity, and his efforts to elevate * make his well spent life a shining example for the youth of our land. We honor his memory. Resolved that these resolutions be spread * the minutes of this faculty and that a copy be transmitted to the family of the deceased and a copy be sent to the Oregonian with a request that it be published." [27 March 1893].
  6. Pages 66-79 23 May 1893-20 November 1893. P66. "It was moved that the Senior Class be permitted to go to Salem June 2nd to the Intercollegiate Contest. Carried". P71 contains the list of the Faculty for 1893-1894. One of the names on the list can not be read; the faculty is small by modern standards: Chas A. Chapman Ph. D. (President), John N. * A.M., Mark Bailey Ph. D., Thas. Condon Ph. D., Geo. H. Collier LL. D., John Straub A. M. , Benjamin J. Hawthorne A. M. , Juella Carson, Philuna E. Murek, Edward H. McAlister, and Thas. M. Roberto. P72.
  7. Pages 80-90 26 November 1893 - 12 March 1894. P82: "Resolved that any member of the faculty wishing to make an order at the expense of the University should refer the matter to the Faculty for action" and "Resolved that any member of the Faculty wishing the Janitor to perform special service should refer the matter to the Faculty for action." P85. "Moved that the superintendent of the dormitory be required to furnish a weekly report to the faculty. The constitution and bylaws adopted by the students for the government of the Dormitory were approved by the faculty." P87. "The following resolutions were adopted:
    1. Every student on entering the University shall be classified as Classical, Scientific, Literary, English, Business, or Irregular.
    2. That after the Sophomore year, students may be classified as Classical Elective, Scientific Elective, etc.
    3. That no electives whatever shall be allowed to any student in any regular course before the Sophomore year.
    4. That any student taking electives who is not in a regular course shall be classified as Irregular. Moved and carried that students in Physics and Chemistry be required to do two times laboratory works (weekly) before receiving any credits.
    P88. "Moved and carried that no student be allowed to play in a college team whose standing is under 85". P90. "Moved and carried that the Regents be requested to put in a telephone in the University." and "A motion that the Librarian was requested to keep the Library locked in her absence, and in case of recurring absence, report to the President".
  8. Pages 91-99 19 March 1894 - 18 June 1894. P91. "On motion, Mr. Martin was required to notify the Faculty when students were falling behind in their payments." and "Moved and carried that the Janitor be instructed to wash all the woodwork about the buildings during the April vacation". P95. "Moved and carried that the Ex. Com. of the Board of Regents be requested to have the museum taken from Miss Wunsch's room to the President's room".
  9. Pages 100-110 14 September 1894 - 31 October 1894. P101. "On motion, smoking in the Dormitory was forbidden". P102. "Moved that the regular faculty meetings be held on Wednesday of each week at 2 PM and adjourn by limitation at 3 PM." Again, most of the space is devoted to individual cases. P106. * was permitted to drop Latin and take Physics. * was permitted to take Physics in addition to his regular work. * was permitted to drop Latin and take bookkeeping..."
  10. Pages 111-121 3 November 1894 - 20 February 1895. P113: "Moved and carried that the futball team and their friends be warned not to make a noise in the streets during the night." P114. "Moved and carried that students must not remain from the Dormitory over night without the consent of the President or their advisor". P115. "Moved and carried that President * be requested to communicate with the Presidents of the other colleges in the state with a view to eliminating the brutal features of football." P117 "The Janitor was requested to take down the rag from the flag pole."
  11. Pages 122-133 6 March 1895 - 16 September 1895. List of the faculty for 1895-1896: C. H. Chapman (President), J. W. Johnson (Professor of Latin), Thomas Condon (Professor of Geology), Edgar McClure (Professor of Chemistry), Charles Friedel (Professor of Physics), John Straub (Professor of Greek), B. J. Hawthorne (Professor of Mental Science), E. B. McElroy (Professor of Ethics), Luella C. Carson (Professor of Rhetoric and English LIterature), F. G. Young (Professor of Economics and History), F. L. Washburne (Professor of Biology), John D. Lecher (Professor of Mathematics), N. L. Narregan (Dean of Preparatory Department), J. R. Wetherbee (Director of Physical Education), E. H. McAlister (Tutor in Applied Mathematics), Philura E. Murch (Tutor in Modern Languages).
  12. Pages 133-142 18 September 1895-17 March 1896. P134: "Preparatory work shall never count college credits except to make up deficiencies in German, Greek, Latin, Trigonometry, and Analytics." P134. "Moved and carried that students be permitted to join a literary society provided they secure the consent of their advisor and the approval of the President." and "Moved and carried that there shall be a committee of two members of the Faculty appointed by the President and the Athletic Club shall elect a member to act with these and these three shall constitute the University Committee on Athletics. All proceedings of the Athletic Club concerning Intercollegiate games must have the approval of this committee. This shall in no way interfere with the parliment authority of the Faculty. The committee shall report to the Faculty at every regular meeting".
  13. Pages 143-152 19 March 1896 - 15 September 1896. Moved and carried that hereafter students shall be required to have a standing of 70 each semester in order to pass.

  14. Pages 153-162 18 September 1896-8 February 1897. From the 25 September 1896 meeting: Resolved that henceforth the valedictory be abolished. That there be four degrees of honor for graduation as follows: Students whose standing is 95% or more - Summa cum laude. Students whose standing is 90% and less than 95% - magna cum laude. Students whose standing is 85% and less than 90% cum laude. Students whose standing is less than 85% [?]. From the 8 February 1897 meeting. The report of the Committee on Athletics as follows was adopted. Meetings are no longer weekly but occur less regularly.
  15. Pages 163-171 10 February 1897 - 20 May 1897. From the 10 February meeting: Moved and carried that the question of giving a student a second examination in case of failure in the first be left entirely to the discretion of the instructor in charge. From the 20 May 1897 meeting. The Secretary of the Faculty was requested to notify the secretary of the Intercollegiate Baseball Association of Oregon that the game played between Albany and Eugene was played by a club containing players who under the rules of the Faculty were not entitled to positions on the club.
  16. Pages 172-184 1 June 1897 - 4 October 1897. From the 18 September 1897 meeting. [Formation of Work Study]. The following was unanimously adopted. Whereas many deserving young men who desire to attend the University can not do so for lack of means and whereas it could benefit the University greatly to have the means of aiding such students, resolved unanimously by the Faculty of the U of O that the Ex. Com. be requested to employ deserving students to do the janitor work of the University. From the 4 October 1897 meeting. Amends the rules of the Committee on Athletics to be "The candidate must have earned 17 credits in the University. The requirement may be considered satisfied if the student during the second semester of his first year has met all the requirements. He must have earned at least 10 credits during the preceding semester with the mark of "b" or better and he must not have made any failures in examinations to be admitted to membership on a team and he must maintain said standing in order to retain his membership....
  17. Pages 185-194 8 October 1897 - 4 November 1897 At the 14 October meeting. "that a committee on stationary be appointed ... that the faculty forbid students to visit any place in Eugene adjacent to and connecting with a saloon..." From the 25 October meeting. Moved and carried that all unexcused absences be reported to the President at the end of each week.
  18. Pages 194-199 6 December 1897 - 12 January 1898. From the 7 January meeting. "After the year 1897-1898 every member of the senior class shall write a final paper which shall be filed with the secretary of the faculty in the first Monday in April."
  19. Pages 200-208 17 January 1898 - 8 February 1998. From the 25 January meeting. "It was ordered that students not boarding in the dormitory be instructed to keep away from the dormitory during recitation hours unless the have permission from the President." From the 8 February 1998 meeting. "Resolved that the language requirements in courses leading to "A.B." shall consist of any two of the following language groups (the head of any department may however make a limitation in the choice of groups: (a) Greek 13, Latin 18, (b) Greek 18, German 13, (c) Greek 13, French 9, (d) Latin 18, German 18, (e) Latin 18, French 9, (f) German 13, French 9."
  20. Pages 209-218 15 February 1898-15 April 1898. From the minutes of the 21 February 1998 meeting. "Moved and carried that the regular exercises continue on Washington's Birthday until the hour for Assembly and that the Assembly time be spent in exercises appropriate to the day." From the minutes of the 28 February meeting. "Moved and carried that it is the sense of this faculty that the results from the system of employing students as janitors are such as to make it hopeful that the practice may be made permanently satisfactory."
  21. Pages 219-228 19 April 1898 - 17 September 1898. From the 19 April meeting. "Moved and carried unanimously that no student shall hereafter take more than 17 credits without the consent of the Committee on Studies." From the 18 May 1898 meeting. "The University will allow to students of professional schools throughout the state (law, medical, dental, pharmaceutical and theological) a certain amount of credit towards the attainment of an academic degree provided that all such claims for credit be referred to a standing committee on outside credit and provided further that no such outside work be allowed to take the place of the regularly prescribed work demanded of all candidates for such degrees."
  22. Pages 229-238 19 September 1898-3 March 1899. From the minutes of the 23 November 1898 meeting. "Moved and carried that there be the usual Thanksgiving vacation of Thursday and Friday." From the minutes of the 28 November 1898 meeting. "Moved and carried that the Xmas vacation begin Wednesday AM December 21 and end Tuesday PM January 4 1899" and also "On motion, students so desiring are allowed to go to Portland to the foot-ball game leaving Eugene Friday Dec 2nd and returning not later than Sunday. The names of all students must be handed to the President."
  23. Pages 239-249 27 March 1899-29 September 1899. From the 1 May 1899 meeting. "Moved and carried that the Faculty withdraw its objection to the employment of [name deleted] as coach for the Athletic Association." From the 18 May 1899 meeting. "Petition of the athletic club asking students be permitted to go to Salem Friday June 2 was granted." From the 21 September 1899 meeting. "The question of further restrictions for entrance into the foot-ball team was referred to the Committee on athletics." As always, most of the material deals with matters pertaining to individual students. (J) was allowed to take 11 credits, (L) was allowed to take 8 credits, (H) was allowed to take 19 credits and so forth.
  24. Pages 250-258 11 October 1899 - 17 December 1900. First appearance of typed as opposed to handwritten pages. The meetings are much more sporadic suddenly with meetings 11 October, 16 October, 31 October, 20 December, 25 January, 27 February, 12 June, 20 December.
  25. Pages 259-264 14 February 1901 The handwritten pages return. And the page numbering has "A" and "B" pages occasionally. The record deals almost exclusively with individual students.
  26. Pages 265-275 8 March 1901 - 29 May 1901. "Motion made and carried that the President be requested to apportion the amount ($2000) received for books between the different departments according to his judgment." (P270)
  27. Pages 276-286 31 May 1901-8 September 1901. The question of athletics again surfaces. Page 283. A typed copy is now provided. From the 15 June 1901 meeting of the assembly (Page 284 Volume 2). The following matter was refereed to the Committee on Athletics (with two additional members to be appointed by the President) for resolution at the September meeting.
  28. The record is a bit unclear at this point. But there is a typed document which has been inserted into the record at this point titled "Following are the rules regarding athletics" so presumably this reflects the action of the Athletic committee.
  29. Pages 287-295a 20 June 1901- ? October 1901. Page 291. "Moved and carried that the faculty shall announce in the next catalogue that applications from resident students to senior standing shall be delivered in writing to the chairman of the senior credit committee by the 30th of June * the opening of each University year." The record is very confused here with crossed out pages and additional written insert pages dealing with individual cases.
  30. Pages 295b-299 The record is very confused with massive numbers of student petitions and no meeting dates.
  31. Pages 300-310 2 November 1901-28 March 1902. From the 3 February 1902 meeting (Page 304) "It was moved and carried that a committee on student affairs be appointed into whose hands shall be given all student affairs of the University except athletics".
  32. Pages 311-318 17 April 1902 - 17 September 1902. A typewritten document "preliminary report of the committee on credentials" appears on page 311-A. At the May 1902 meeting of the Assembly (p312) a report was presented from the committee on student affairs "...a student may not be eligible to membership in classes by University classification in respect to years if he be conditioned in more than 5 credits of required work which properly belong to any lower classes."
  33. Pages 319-328 26 September 1902-29 Jan 1903. Page 319. Moved and carried that all areas of duplicate credits be referred to the Credentials Committee and the Head of the department of mathematics." Page 325 September 1902. "after the present year the membership of the Athletic Council shall consist of the President of the University, three members of the faculty, three members of the Alumni, three undergraduate students of the University.". The committee recommended the University of Oregon become a member of the Northwestern Intercollegiate Athletic Association. From page 326. "the action of the Academic council allowing cuts from classes be declared null and void and that students be held responsible to the instructors for all recitations."
  34. Pages 329-337 5 February 1903 - 7 May 1903. "The report of the athletic committee, recommending that the eligibility rules of the University be changed so as to harmonize with the rules of the NIAA was adopted" (p329). (p332) "The following resolution was adopted: 1. That the methods of examinations in use be continued. 2. That examinations be given in all courses to all students at definite periods at the end of each semester. 3. That all examinations as far as possible be written, exceptional * to be filed in the office. 4. That in no case shall results of examinations be made to count for more than two thirds of final mark." (p334) "that no student be allowed to make more than five of the sixty-eight credits of his four years' college courses outside the classroom and that such credit may be made only on the approval of the Head of the Department concerned and under the direction of said department".
  35. Pages 338-347 1 June 1903 - 12 October 1903. page 339: "to require gymnasium of students during the first two years of their course, but that no credit be granted for same" and "German or French be made optional with Latin as an entrance requirement for engineering students".
  36. Pages 348-357 5 November 1903 - 3 May 1904. P357. It was decided "to admit mechanical and freehand drawing and booking keeping as 1/2 unit each of * credits. To note the special subjects required for admission to the engineering courses. To offer classes in solid geometry and second year Latin next year only. To allow the substitution of an elective subject for one of the required subjects in the Sophomore year provided that the required Sophomore subject is taken in the Junior year. This provision is to apply to students who select their jamor subjects at the beginning of the Sophomore year ..."
  37. Pages 358-368 3 May 1904 - 6 October 1904. P358. "Conditioned subjects may be made either at the High School or under formal tutors, the work done to be satisfactory to the head of the department concerned. That advanced algebra to be made a part of the Freshman y ear of the Engineering courses and the remaining mathematical courses so considered as to fill only the present * requirement. To adopt the proposed revised courses in Electrical and Mechanical engineering and the Course preparatory to Medicine... That two units of work be allowed as entrance conditions. That gymnasium be allowed to count as two credits towards graduation. To adopt the readjustment of the Philosophical Educational Group...." P365. "The committee appointed to consider the matter of housing the young lady students reported that they had personal interviews with many of these * young ladies in their houses and had recommended that the young ladies be given a * room for callers. The committee also recommended that the reception room at the Dormitory be used for young men only."
  38. Pages 369-382 1 December 1904 - 2 March 1905. P374. "It was decided that the office would not be expected to give grades orally to students on application; it being understood that if possible the schedule cards would be posted and given to students by the Wednesday following the close of the examination". P381. First typewritten page with regular minutes.
  39. Pages 383-396 6 April 1905 regular Assembly meeting (P387) - 17 March 1905 (P389) Report from the Committee on the Course of Study - (P395) 7 April 1905 Regular assembly meeting. P383: "Whereas the practice of registering and reporting for the commencement of class work later than the time regularly set for these purposes seriously interferes with starting work off in a business like manner and thereby diminishes the total amount of work which can be accomplished during the academic year and whereas it is apparently necessary for the good of the University that some means be taken to break up this habit, therefore be it resolved that this body recommends to the honorable board of regents of the University of Oregon that they establish the rule that a registration fee of two dollars, or such sum as they may agree upon, be collected from each student who registers later than the last day regularly announced in the University catalogue upon which registration shall take place." P385. Whereas the opening weeks of work in the various departments are thus seriously crippled by the late entrance of students, be it resolved that in 1905 and thereafter the opening of the University be fixed on the first Wednesday following the last Tuesday of September and that the second semester be closed correspondingly later in June."
  40. Pages 397-399 4 May 1905. P395. "On motion, the Administration was given authority to decide all matters of articulation ... the eligibility requirements for athletic teams was made the same as the requirements for membership in the University ... May 5 was declared a half holiday".
  41. Pages 400-411 9 May 1905 - 2 November 1905. P401: Friday 12 May 1905 was declared University day to take the place of the schedules Junior day. P409: Motion by Professor Dun "Mass meetings of the student body and all meetings of class organizations and of other student enterprises, stated or special, must be held at times which do not conflict with regular recitation periods." P411 "Professor Schafer was appointed a committee of one to ascertain what the conditions are at the University of Washington and University of Idaho in regard to debating". The meeting records are by now for the most part typed rather than handwritten, although the occasional hand written notes appear occasionally.
  42. Pages 412-425 7 December 1905 - 5 April 1906. P413. "On motion of Professor Sheldon, it was decided to cooperate with Stanford and the University of California in the matter of the revision of the football rules and if no action should be taken by them that the President take such action as he may deem wise." P415. "On motion, the report of the committee appointed to consider the smallpox situation was accepted." P419. The organization of the graduate School is announced. "The administration of the graduate school is entrusted to a committee of the University Faculty called the Graduate Council." P423. "It was ordered that a summary of departmental grades be submitted to the faculty each year at the first faculty meeting after the mid-year examination period." The meetings are now conducted on a monthly basis for the most part. P425 "It was carried that that the delegates from the University of Oregon to any Northwest athletic conference be instructed that it is the sense of the faculty of the University that no student during his first year of residence at the University shall be eligible to membership on any athletic team representing the University and that no student shall be allowed to represent the University in athletics for more than three (3) years.... a committee was appointed, consisting of Professors DeCou, Howe, and Stafford, to get all possible information in regard to the football situation, east and west, and report at the next meeting of the Faculty."
  43. Pages 426-445 3 May 1906 - June 1906. P429. "The Registrar was instructed to notify all managers of student activities that subscription papers for faculty subscriptions are to be left at the office." P433. "A committee of three, Professors Carson, Young, and Strobe, was appointed to report at the next meeting of the faculty in regard to sororities." P433.
  44. P437: "The term Class work was interpreted to mean recorded class work done in this institution or in other institutions of like rank (rule relating to not more than five hours allowed to be made up outside of class room work)". "The president of the University was asked to confer with the principal of the Eugene High School in regard to the quality of the work being done there".
  45. Pages 445-458 28 September 1906 - 1 November 1906 - 6 December 1906 - 10 January 1907 - 8 February 1907 (We now record each meeting as the minutes are relatively lengthy and there are relatively few meetings to be enumerated. Previously, only the range was given). P453. The following buildings are named: Oregon Hall, Willamette Hall, Multnomah Hall, Johnson Hall, Jefferson Hall, Lewis and Clark Hall, Cascadia Hall. The faculty secretary is now F. S. Dunn.
  46. Pages 459-472 11 February 1907 - 7 March 1907 - 14 March 1907 P471: "registration days for 1907-8 be Tuesday September 24 and Wednesday September 25th and that recitations and lectures begin on Thursday September 26."
  47. Pages 473-486 21 March 1907 - 1 April 1907 - 2 May 1907 - 10 June 1907 24 June 1907 Much of the meetings are still related to petitions by individual students. For example P477: "The petition of * for 22 hours for senior standing was granted ... The petition of * for twenty hours for senior standing was granted ... the petition of * for eighteen hours of work this semester on account of a heavy schedule for her senior year was granted. The petition of * for credit in metallurgy and mine surveying, excess hours, was refused..." P485. The graduating students are once again listed in the record together with the "quality" (rite, cum laude, summa cum laude etc.).
  48. Pages 487-497 23 September 1907 - 27 September 1907 - 3 October 1907 - 7 November 1907 - 9 January 1908 - There are the occasional special sessions. The 27 September 1907 meeting (p489) is devoted to the treatment of special cases "Petition of * for less than the minimum number of hours granted, * was allowed to use one y ear of German as an one year of Latin for entrance, with the provision that he take another year of German in the University..." P491. "The committee appointed to ascertain what action may have been taken by the Board of Regents excluding all but voting members of the faculty from faculty meetings begs to report that no record of * of any kind relating to this matter can be found. The records of faculty meetings up to and including the meeting of March 8 1901 shows all instructors present and voting; the roll call at all subsequent meetings shows the presence of Professors and Assistant Professors only.... In 1904 the board appointed a committee to assemble and solidify the various rules and regulations passed by the Board from time to time etc. and in the report of this committee, which was adopted and the only reference to faculty meetings is contained in section 8, the significant portion is as follows: Section 8. The faculty shall consist of the President and Professors, although for the present the heads of all departments be recognized as members thereof. It shall have the immediate government and discipline of the university and the students thereof, may make and enforce all necessary rules and regulations therefor may prescribe courses of study and text-books. Regular meetings of the faculty shall be held at least once each month during sessions of the university and a record kept, etc. ................." Since it appears to have been the intention of the board to define the governing body of the university, there seems to be an obstacle in the way of this body's admitting to its meetings at any * whomever it may wish to admit. This committee would recommend therefore that to all future regular meetings of the faculty and other meetings as may be deemed advisable, all members of the * force of the university of the rank of full instructor be * and urged to be present."
  49. Pages 498-503c 5 March 1908 - 12 March 1908 - 2 April 1908 - 22 June 1908 - 7 May 1908 [out of order] P501. "Moved by Prof. Stafford that for work done in schools ether than those of equivalent standing to the University, College credit be not granted unless on the satisfactory completion of an examination such as is given to our own students in corresponding courses. The motion carried". P502. "The following report was adopted. To the board of regents of the University of Oregon. The faculty of the University of Oregon in relation to the matter of applying for the benefit of the Carnegie pension fund for the University of Oregon would respectfully suggest:
    1. That a pension system is desirable in the interests of efficiency.
    2. Inasmuch as a State pension fund for the University is not feasible at this is time, it recommends that the Board ask the legislature of Oregon to have this University placed on the list of institutions to whom the benefits of the fund accrue.
    The following motion passed "that the length of time for removing incompletes and conditions be made one semester".

    This marks the end of volume 2

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