University of Oregon Assembly Records Volume 1 1878-1891

These records cover the period 13 September 1878 through June 8 1891. The original (handwritten books) were photocopied and the photocopies converted to PDF files. Unfortunately the photocopies are not of high quality and some of the margins are black which obscures some of the handwriting. Still, for the most part they are legible and it is a fascinating historical record. The breaks between PDF files are dictated by technical convenience only. The files are in the process of being catalogued to make them more accessible, but we wanted to make the records available immediately as we anticipate the cataloging will occupy most of Spring 2007. Please contact
Peter Gilkey, Mathematics Department, University of Oregon, Eugene Or 97403 USA

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  1. 30 Nov 1885. Concerning Commencement:
  2. 7 Dec 1885, 15 Dec 1885.

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    1. The first entry is 31 March 1886. This is a missprint. Moved and carried "All students who desire to attend the theatre tonight be permitted to do so."
    2. 4 April 1887. Discussion of individual students.
    3. 6 April 1887. "Resolved that the President of the Laurean Literary Society be required to adjourn the society at 1030 PM by limitation of time".  Furthermore "the president was requested to call the attention of students to the importance of complyng with the rule requiring all students to be in their rooms every night by eleven oclock."
    4. 18 April 1887. 19 April 1887. 23 April 1887. 2 May 1887. 9 May 1887. 16 May 1887, 23 May 1887, 6 June 1887, Discussion of individual students. "The Board of regents was requested to have the programm of the Comm. Exercises inserted in the Daily Oregonian." and "All students who went to the Picnic at Roseburg be required to come before the Faculty tomorrow".
    5. 4 June 1887. Report. "To the honorable board of regents. Gentlemen. During the year 1877-78, the University was in a very unsatisfactory condition financially and the faculty voluntarily recommended to the Ex. Com. and to other members of the Board residing in Eugene City that their salaries be reduced twenty per cent to relieve the financial stress which the Institution was at that time struggling. The recommendation of the Faculty was adopted at the next annual meeting of that Hon. Body. The members of the faculty at the same time received assurance that the salaries would be restored when the finances would warrent the same. The present faculty feeling that the salaries are too low and that the finances are in a favorable situation very strongly petition your Hon. Body as a matter of ustice and to restore the salaries to the standard fixed by and adopted by the Regents at the time of the organization of the  Universities, these salaries to begin July 1 1887."
    6. 28 September 1887. The faculty "beg leave respectfully to invite your attention to th eir petition for increase of salar and they wuold ask that you grant it at the meeting".
    7. University of Oregon 1887-1888. 3 October 1887. 4 October 1887. Discussion of individual students. Board of regents asked that stoves are proferable to heaters for heating purposes and they request no change be made in the manner of heating the building.
    8. 5 October 1887. 7 October 1887. 10 October 1887. 17 October 1887. 24 October 1887. Individual Student petitions.

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    1. 31 October 1887. 7 November 1887. 14 November 1887. 21 November 1887. 28 November 1887. 5 December 1887. 12 December 1887. 19 December 1887. 4 January 1888. 9 January 1888. 16 January 1888. The Board of regents was asked for one ream of legal cap paper for reports, pads of letter head letter size and note size plain paper. Apart from that, dealt with individual students.
    2. 23 January 1887.  30 January 1887. 2 February 1888. 6 February 1888. Individual students. "The janitor was requested to adjust all the clocks in the University and keep them adopted according to Luckey's time".
    3. 13 February 1888. 20 February 1888. 27 February 1888. 5 March 1888. 8 March 1888. 12 March 1888. Motion concerning teaching elementary english. 26 March 1888. 28 March 1888. 2 April 1888.

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    1. 16 April 1888, 23 April 1888, 30 April 1888, 7 May 1888, 14 May 1888  A committee to consult with the Ex. Com. of the Board of Regents concerning the purchase of a typerwriter.
    2. 21 May 1888, 28 May 1888, The Secretary was requested to send a copy of the programme for commencement to the newspapers.
    3. 4 June 1888. "The President was authorized to excuse such students as wished to attend the excursion to Portland as he thought proper."
    4. 11 June 1888, 18 June 1888. "The faculty would respectfully request the Board of Regents to require that all the Graduating Exercises of the Law School and of the Medical Department be held at the University"...."Resolved that the Board of Regents are hereby respectfully requested to set aside the sum of $300 to be expended under the authority of the faculty for advertiseing the University in the newspapers of the State for the following year."
    5. 20 June 1888. 27 June 1888.
    6. Page 167 1888-1889. Faculty J. M. Johnson A.M. (President), Mark Bailey Ph. D., Thos Condon Ph. D. , Geo. H. Collier L.L.D.,  John Straub A. M., Ben J. Hawthorne A. M., Frank. A. Huffer A. B., S. E. McClure A. B.
    7. 15 Sept 1888. 17 Sept 1888. 24 Sept 1888. 19 Sept 1888. 24 Sept 1888. 1 Oct 1888. 8 Oct 1888. 18 Oct 1888. 22 Oct 1888. 29 Oct 1888. 5 Nov 1888. The minutes deal mostly with individual students. Absences, changes of courses, etc.
    8. 12 Nov 1888. Secretary was requested to place a notice on the bulletinboard forbidding students to loiter about the halls.
    9. 19 Nov 1888. "The students of the University be requested to meet in Villard Hall tomorrow at 12 oclock in order that the question of vaccination and other matters might be presented to them".
    10. 26 Nov 1888.

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    1. 3 Dec 1888. "Resolved I. in the judgement of the Faculty, it would be unwise for the students to occupy the old auditorium evenings for gymnasum purposes 1. It would be subversive of discipline. 2. It would seriously increase the fire risk of the building. Resolved II. That the president be requested to present these resolutions to the Executive Committee of the Regents."
    2. 10 Dec 1888, 12 Dec 1888 A committee was appointed "with regard to adjusting the courses of studies of the Highschool [in Portland] and of the University to each other".
    3. 17 Dec 1888. "Prof. Carson was permitted to use Shakespeare as a text with the Senior Class."
    4. 7 Jan 1889. 8 Jan 1889. A student was "requested to appologize to the President for unbecomming language in the classroom".
    5. 9 Jan 1889. 14 Jan 1889. 21 Jan 1889. "A communication from students was read asking that more hooks be put up in the cloakroom of Villard Hall. On motion, the secretary was requested to ask the Janitor to attend to the matter."
    6. 28 Jan 1889. Students were "requested to appear before the faculty at its next meeting and explain why they are out late evenings" and "Resolved that the Faculty would respectfully request a picture of Dr. Henry Villard to place in Velard Hall".
    7. 4 Feb 1889. 11 Feb 1889. "The resolution passed Jan 28 in reference to Dr. Villard's picture was, on motion, rescinded."
    8. 18 Feb 1889. "The following students having violated the law of the Faculty and after having promised not to repeate the offense were dismissed, namely .......".
    9. 15 Feb 1889. 18 Feb 1889. A student "was, on motion, permitted to drop French on account of poor eyes." The secretary was requested to write to the father of a student "asking him to allow his son less spending money and to place it in the hands of some reliable party here in town".
    10. 19 Feb 1889. A student "appeared before the faculty and appologized for his unbecoming conducat at the previous meeting of the faculty".
    11. 25 Feb 1889. 5 March 1889. 11 March 1889. 18 March 1889. 25 March 1889. "Resolved that the faculty of the University of Oregon respectfully ask our Board of Regents to authorize such a change in the English Class of the University that the first year of its present work be cut off and a year of higher study be added to the course and that those finishing such course be given the degree B. E."
    12. 1 April 1889. "On motion, the essays and orations of the senior class were limited to twenty minutes each."

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    1. 16 April 1889. 17 APril 1889. 22 April 1889. "April 30, being the one hundredth anniversary of the inauguration of Washington and having been declared a legal holiday by the President of the United States, it was moved and carried that the exercises of the University for that day be suspended."
    2. 24 April 1889. 28 April 1889. 6 May 1889. 13 May 1889. 16 May 1889. "It was moved that scholars of the Eugene Public Schools be admitted to the University without further examination on certificate of the Principal that they have finished the studies up to El. Algebra".
    3. 21 May 1889. 27 May 1889. 3 June 1889. The handwriting has dramatically improved.

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