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Statistics on Math journal impact factors/importance

Journal citation report 2004 (MS Excel file! for downloading)
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Journal citatation report 2001

Journal citatation report 2001 (sorted by impact factor)

Journal citatation report 2000

Journal citatation report 2000 (sorted by impact factor)

Journal citatation report 1999

Journal citatation report 1999 (sorted by impact factor)


Journals we are adding in 2005-06

Homology, Homotopy, and Applications

Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School

Journal of hyperbolic differential equations

Serials Cancellation 2003-4 - revised

Math Journals that we could get electronically/online ONLY and save some money

Expensive Math journals, sorted by title name

Reed Elsevier: Subscription Revenue Credited For Bolstering Net Profit 43%

titles of interest to Math that are being paid for out of the general Science budget


last updated 15 december 2005
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