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How students choose colleges - in something like relevance order.
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Serials Cancellation 2003-4 - revised

Proposed cancellations of current computer science journals 2004-5

IEEE Proceedings electronic access only (these are all titles that we currently get in print, but that we could now cancel since we get the IEEE online package)

Journals that we could get electronically/online ONLY and save some money

Remaining journals sorted by title

Remaining journals sorted by cost (cheapest to most expensive)

Reed Elsevier: Subscription Revenue Credited For Bolstering Net Profit 43%

information on the IEEE electronic library package (includes titles and a link to a .pdf with archive agreement especially Section 7 at the bottom of page 5)

Journal Citation Reports

for information about impact rating, immediacy index, and half-life try:
page 1 has a very simple explanation.

For more details see:
pages 8-10 of "Journal Citation Reports v 2.0 Seminar Guide" look useful:
download the
word file or the .pdf

An article in the Chronicle of Higher Education on ISI impact factors

A discussion of this article is at the blog Crooked Timber

Computer Science 2002 (html)
Computer Science 2002 (.xls)

more coming soon

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