University of Oregon Department of Architecture

 Architecture 507 — Case Studies in Sustainable Design Winter 2005   
 Lillis Business Complex
Designed by Portland-based SRG Partnership, the 196,500-square-foot complex is visually striking, fronted by a four-story atrium that features scores of photovoltaic panels, which will generate a portion of the facility's electricity needs. Classrooms and offices were carefully positioned to use daylight and can be used almost year-round without electric lighting. Shade controls will regulate temperature and glare, while "smart" lighting not only adjusts to daylight levels, but features sensors that turn off lights and other non-essential items.

It's Hot Up Here!
Martha Bohm
Aaron Swain
Will Henderson

Paper (340 kb pdf)
Poster (16.3 mb pdf)

Auditorium Thermal Comfort
Andrew McKelvey

Paper (340 kb pdf)
Poster (9.6 mb pdf)

Illuminating Lillis
Sarah Chapin
Jaimie Shen

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User Suvey
Fumiko Docker

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